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Sunday, January 2, 2011

WING SABER TOYZ 2011 INTRODUCTION SPECIAL: Japan Family Mart Contest Prize 'A': ROTF Optimus Prime Clear Ver.!


 I bid  a very happy 2011 to my myriad of followers from the world over! This is Adam @ [Wing_Saber-X] here, once again proud to present a special focus on my blog to kick things off in the new year. The latest and most anticipated addition to my growing list of Transforming toy collection needs little introduction. Although considered somewhat slightly tardy in obtaining this acquisition, nevertheless I am proud to have finally be able to get one of these Japanese Lucky Draw releases while out shopping last Christmas Eve, 24th December 2010, to be exact! 


Family Mart convenient chain stores in Japan, together with TAKARA Tomy, had sought to organise an exclusive lottery contest in October 2010. The ultimate prize from this contest is the above shown 'Prize A' lottery consisting of one highly cool --remoulded in clear plastic parts- -Revenge Of The Fallen Leader-Class Optimus Prime figure. It's one of those exclusive toy prizes whereby you are given coupons and raffle for a couple of main prizes which were made available from a convenience chain store. The following pictures of the toy out of package is credited and linked to Higekuma toy blog.   Since the campaign was held last year, and the fact that I have not been able to travel to Japan, I thought Id lose hope of ever finding this rare toy ever again. 


It does bring out a tear or two when the year finally ends, mostly because most of your unfinished resolutions have not been fulfilled, or just maybe we are just getting a sense and grip of the fact that we are growing a year older, and anticipating what shape the future might take in the forthcoming year. As for me, I thought I'd end 2010 on a rather good toy-hunting note, and strolled down-town to just have a jolly jaunt in and around the City Center's shopping malls with all those festive decorations in the air and display. 


He is the standard released to death version of the Optimus Leader Class Prime mould,  albeit now made entirely of translucent plastic. As far as this version goes, the actual amount produced has been opened up to debate, with the suggestion that as many as 2,000 pieces were shipped  and distributed to the 200+ Family Mart outlets in the whole of Japan. Although relatively 'fair'  to obtain especially through online retail sites such as Ebay, Id say that trying to get one in the current condition and market will set you (--the serious collector)-- of course-- anything between a minimum of  USD $270 -USD $300+ give or take.  He is encased in his standard box, but it's tastefully done in a  cool monochrome-style, which I suppose is the only way to  set it apart as being 'exclusive'.  Add to this is the Gold fonts used, completing the look.
 If you guys like to see more comparison shots and other thoughts and reviews of this awesome toy, kindly click here and here! 


Worth getting if you are a completest. Personally, I love the mould and can't recommend this Clear ROTF Prime enough. There is the so-called exclusivity when considering dropping hefty but worthy sum when or if you run into this toy online or at your local Hobby specialist shops. As a little treat, WSX Toyz is showing this clear beauty beside the ROTF amazon DVD Exclusive Prime which was bought earlier last year! A++

Optimus Prime and Revenge Of the Fallen copyright 2009/2010 Takaratomy and Dreamworks/ Hasbro

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