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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hi there folks! Welcome once again to another blog-post from yours truly, Adam aka WSX.
Today is quite a relaxing day for me as the long weekend is upon Malaysians who are in one unison voice, celebrating their 53rd Independence Day or Merdeka. As with any milestone celebration, the time is right to reflect on the future of a nation, in addition to count our blessings that we as a nation, however flawed or imperfect, still manages to maintain a sense of decency in terms of a stable, livable lifestyle conditions as compared to certain neighbouring countries. This is not a politically charged message, mind you, but just a overall sum of thoughts growing up and spending some time mulling over the international tribulations and not to mention hardships which have been endured by Malaysia's neighbours in the past couple of years. Received this bad boy in the post sometime last week and proceeded to open this huge box up with glee! 


I got the impetus to obtain a rare boxed Deathsaurus/ (デスザラス)  by sheer luck of th draw, to say the least. Just one of those things where my Ebay final bid was sufficient enough to be considered by the seller. Suffice to say that although there are much better boxed specimens out there, I would say that this is a personal best for me, and I thank my lucky stars that I finally managed to snag this at a rather decent price, shipping and all. Although payment was somewhat 'delayed' on my part, the seller was patient and understanding enough to allow me the option of 'paying as you go'-- by you guessed it! monthly installments. Personally, this is the best way to go for me, as it allows me the freedom to plan my expenditure. I got a slice of Vintage gem, so to speak. It feels great! His box arrived as depicted int he seller's earlier pictures. although the box was pretty worn especially the box flaps, somewhat torn and scuffs on the edges and front, it still displays rather well especially on the shelve. I will probably try to buy another better boxed piece in the near future, just for keeps sake!! Watch this space, my fellow blog followers!! 


  • Deszaras (Large Breastforce, 1989)
    • Japanese ID numberD-336

    • Accessories: Tail/shield, rifle, Tigerbreast & Eaglebreast "Breast Animals"
The original Deathsaurus toy transformed into a nondescript dragon-griffin beast with large wings. 
 Unusually for post-Generation One toys, he has die-cast-metal feet in beast mode.
In robot mode, both of his Breast Animal components can be slotted inside his spring-loaded chest (or kaiju-mode back) to form his elaborate torso armor; Eaglebreast must go in first, then Tigerbreast added on top. Both Breast Animals can also become hand-held weapons. He is armed with a light blue laser rifle — which, despite what the boxart and cartoon would have you believe, does not have a removable flail— and a large shield constructed out of his tail that can mount on either bicep. 

^All text and pictures credited and linked to and


In the series, the fearsome and ruthless Destron Emperor transforms into a giant Kaiju-like beast. There seems to be sort of a debate as to what exactly his alternate mode really is. The going joke is that he hugely resembles a giant 'mutant' space chicken! LOL! But in fact one can suspect, and speculate-- including me, that the most official explanation for his  rather unique chosen mode of transformation is rather akin to that of a Griffin type beast. Personally, he looked kinda speedy and rather cool when transforming to dish out a whole lot of hurt and destruction in the Transformers Victory series! He was more than a match for the powerful and righteous Cybertron Commander: Star Saber in more ways than one. Most of the time Deathsaurus has come close to defeating his arch nemesis as seen in one of the episodes: - 

Transformers Victory: The Destron Fortress Resurrected 2/2

Id say that compared to  the omni-potent and serious Overlord, his  immediate successor that  Deathsaurus is more

 of a forgiving and manipulative leader, preferring to tactically use mind games first, thus striking a more 

'psychological' heavy toll on his unsuspecting enemies first, moving in for the decisive kill after the latter is 

almost completely drained of energy required to put up a decent fight. Sneaky old fox, eh?! 

Just a side note, the toy design for Deathsaurus was once again 'sacrilegiously' rehashed into another of Takara's toy robot line that is the Brave series. This time, he was renamed into 'Red Geist' or Red Spirit. A rather neat toy of him was simultaneously released , of course..and if memory sever me correctly, there is still existing a rare auction on Ebay for this particular red repaint -- also a sought after vintage collection. 

Tech Spec

Succeeded Overlord as the fifth Destron Leader. Together with Leozack and company, he formed the Breast Force, and has been ravaging through the universe for eons. Savage and cruel, he despises humans, yet has a soft spot for children.

Victory Anime

Voice actor: Takeshi Aono (Japanese)

Years ago, striving to become the Decepticons' new Emperor of Destruction, Deathsaurus created a gigantic battle fortress capable of destroying planets, but an attack by the young Autobot commander Star Saber saw the fortress de-powered and trapped within a region of space known as the Dark Nebula. This began the enmity between Star Saber and Deathsaurus, and as both combatants rose through the ranks of their respective armies, Deathsaurus vowed to eventually liberate his fortress and use it to destroy Star Saber.
After the conclusion of the Masterforce war on Earth, Deathsaurus set his sights on the planet's vast energy sources, and, from his command post on the Decepticons' starcraft the Thunder Arrow, he directed his troops, the Breastforce and Dinoforce, in attacks on the planet. Deathsaurus rarely dirtied his own hands, entering battle only rarely, and only when there was a chance that he could confront Star Saber directly, such as there was when he led the Breastforce in raiding the electrical energy of American subway systems. This led him to be the object of great contempt from Breastforce sub-leader Leozack, who schemed against Deathsaurus, but systematically failed to succeed in his numerous ploys, either as a result of his own incompetence or the counter-scheming of his subordinate, Hellbat, who sought to overthrow both him and Deathsaurus. Deathsaurus was no fool, however, and remained perpetually aware of Leozack's plans—when the time came, he thrashed the Breastforcer in combat and forced him to swear utter loyalty to him.

Electric presence! 
While Star Saber was on the planet Micro, Deathsaurus returned to the Dark Nebula to investigate the possibility of reactivating his fortress; he did not have enough energy, but was at least able to confirm that the fortress was in functional order and could be reactivated when the time came. Unfortunately for him, having expended what energy he had to confirm this, he was unable to finish Star Saber when he engaged him in battle in space on the return trip. Later, back on Earth, Deathsaurus lured Star Saber into a trap in the desert, where he attacked with the power of the Living Metal-Destroying Cannon.
The weapon almost finished Star Saber off until God Ginrai intervened and was left at death's door instead, but when he was reconstructed as Victory Leo and combined with Star Saber to form Victory Saber, they were able to thwart Deathsaurus's plan to bombard Earth with missiles.


So, my quest for obtaining another significant piece of my "Holy Grail" toys list has come and gone, and there is a tinge of bitter-sweet feeling on most part. 'Bitter' but not too remorseful about the price paid -- it is to say the least fair and the expected going market rate in this day and age; but most of all the condition of which the box for the toy arrived. No sooner had I finished paying for this particular acceptable specimen, that another auction for a much more pristine unused piece popped up for a even more decent price! Talk about bad timing! LOL! But I digress, and felt that although the more serious collector in me had been ruing and cursing my luck, the more mellow side of me had me feeling somewhat relieved that although I am considered a 'late comer' in the Vintage collecting game, and there have been numerous indiscretions with my family members on my so-called collecting 'obsession'-- one thing is for certain, that as long as there is the passion burning strong inside my body, and the means of collecting is still very much alive, that I will not rest till the time comes for me to hang up my collecting glove possibly and (hopefully) in years to come!


Get this if you are looking to strike off and complete your collection of Destron/ Decepticon Leader class figures which are only exclusive to the Japanese continuity. As always, be prepared to look extensively and patiently for a rare and better conditioned specimen while scouring the online market places. I was keen on the infamy of the character portrayed in the Anime series as well, and that was honestly the main reason of going out on a limb to get this bad boy of a Transformer. His 'Brest" attack animals lend an air of playability but not much, however, the fact that the toy itself is pretty huge lends it more credibility when one is thinking of getting it. Add to the fact that the sticker sheet and instructions were intact and complete, tis was an additional bonus for me.  Bottom line, score one for me, and another beautiful and vintage toy on my shelve! Am running out of space as we speak--oh man can it ever be a major issue!! LOL!! Highly recommended for the hard-core collectors only! A+

Deathsaurus Copyright 1989 Takara Co. Ltd.

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