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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Lowe Guele (ロウ・ギュール Rō Gyūru)

Manufacturer: Morgenroete, Inc/Orb Union
Users: Junk Guild
Unit type: prototype general purpose mobile suit
Rollout: 10 January, Cosmic Era 71
First Deployment: 25 January, Cosmic Era 71
Head height: 17.53 meters
Base weight: 49.8 metric tons
Special equipment: flight pack, underwater salvage gear, Power Loader
Powerplant: Ultracompact battery
Armament: “Igelstellung” 75 mm multi-barrel CIWS ×2, Type 70 beam saber ×2, Type 71 beam rifle ×1, “Gerbera Straight” katana ×1, shield ×1
Optional armament: TMF/TR-2 BuCUE Tactical Reconnaissance Type head with dual beam saber ×1 . Pilot(s): Lowe Guele, Marlin also known as Juri Wu Nien.

Box Front: Monochrome Red Style Graphics. Nice! :3

Hey, all! Today is a pretty relaxing Saturday for me, as such I had some private time to blog once again. YAWN! Well, after getting to bed at around 4 am! Yes, folks it was THAT early in the morning before I got some proper rest and shut-eye! You're all most probably wondering what sleep deprivation has to do with this posting today.. or why in the heck am I typing this post using of ALL colours light pink font?!! ;)

Well folks, the simple answer to your burning question is pretty straight forward: I spent the WHOLE night bruising my fingers to complete the above mentioned GUNPLA (Gundam Plastic) model kit, which to be honest, is not one of my most adept skill at performing! -LOL!

Box Interior: Standard molded plastic parts on tree! So many pointy bits! 0_O

Was feeling the need to pass the weekend, so I just so happen to decide to pick up the 1/100th Scale Gundam Astray (from the Gundam SEED series spin-off); while browsing Isetan KLCC yesterday lunch time! :D
Looking at the box, the fact that it was the "Clear Version" (transparent parts plastic always gets me interested!) So with an additional imputes of a 20% discount on ALL Bandai merchandise, I only paid a measly RM88.00 for this sucker. Pretty decent raid, I thought. ;)

Schematics for building parts & assembly! Sigh...

Brought him home after work and started building him have NO idea what a pain in the a$$ the plastic parts can be, especially for someone like me who has not touched a GUNPLA for the best part of 10 years! Anyway, the process involved there was al ot of smoothing out the unwanted bits sticking out for the plastic parts, gaps, mold problems= for e.g such as parts not being able to fit into designated pegs etc.... BUT, overall, if you use about of common sense and a little perseverance! LOL! so fret not--especially newbies or unprofessional model kit hobbyist like myself and others! :D

Outside of manual/ instruction booklet

Centerfold of manual/ instruction booklet: Shows the Regular Astray Red Frame..


Up-close and personal! >:)

I had just managed to finish the torso, arms and legs of the robot early this morning,...and managed to get enough rest to muster the confidence to finish the damn whole robot. considering that when once done, the 1/100 the scale GUNPLA's measure only about 8-10 inches tall! Well, as they always say in Japan, the smaller the robot, the bigger the satisfaction!

The Astray Red Frame itself is pretty poseable, and the clear colours work well despite the difficulty of seeing the mechanical details on the figure. Also worth mentioning is the the parts come of a little too easily, especially the front hip piece and waist... I had to put him back a least twice because I was fidgeting with its back pack... LOL! But despite that, the quality of the ABS plastic is pretty srudry, and pretty much indestructible--go on, I dare ya to do the "Drop from high place" test! >:)

Weapons Galore: "It's time to kick the crap of some Zaku Mother-F%$*#!!" >:)

Another positive note is that the GUNPLA model kit comes with interchangeable hands--albeit limited and non-articulated- which is expected- This allows for the combination of using multiple weapons which is also packed together-- The Katana/sheath ; The dual Beam Swords ; Space Rifle/ Blaster ; and lsatley the big-a$$ shield -- a staple GUNDAM defense accessory! He looks just so cool in any type of pose you put him in.... but my most favorite has got to be the Katana-wielding pose! Very dynamic and fun to take a variety of shots. The photo's below just highlights what a well-thought of plastic kit he is--and this was made only this year by BANDAI. So with that, it concludes my mini review on the GUNPLA Gundam SEED Astray clear version for today! Despite my minor gripes--I still think that this being my very first GUNPLA in ages--shows that I still have the franchise at heart..LOL! So I give this model kit a low but solid 3 1/2 Stars *** 1/2 OVER 5 *****!!!!!

"Prepare to taste the cold steel of my blade! "

Finishing move! Prepare to Die!

The typical super-robot: "Hey-I've just finished off my enemy pose!" :p

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