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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Dear fellow bloggers and customers! Today with a rather heavy heart, I am finally putting one of the many rare pieces of Mecha from my personal collection on my blog. Up for sale today is the ever popular line of transforming and combining space cruisers and various mechanical vehicles into giant super robots made by BANDAI of Japan: Soul of Chogokin GX 31 Voltes V! The version I am letting go of is not the recently upgraded 2009 "Volt In-A -Box" version, rather it is the reissue from the year 2006. That's why its getting rarer and more difficult to obtain! Yes, if there are any interested buyers out there who are huge fans of the soul Of Chogokin Series, more details of payment, delivery and shipping are available at a click of a button.

The selling price for this beautiful and one of a kind piece is RM720 only. I can give my personal guarantee that the condition of Voltes V is Mint Sealed In Box, New and unopened, not even for display. I always keep my collection in a smoke free room, and ensure that the quality of the toy kept is always in pristine condition and had few box-edge ware/ discolouration. Added below are some pictures of the contents inside the box! I would like to wish all of my potential buyers a happy purchase, and i can guarantee maximum satisfaction, reliability and quality. Also, if there are other pieces of rare stuff that you are looking for that I just might so happen to have in my collection, please do not hesitate to drop me a line! Thanks for looking!

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