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Friday, October 23, 2009


God Ginrai: Fire Guts C-310E

Hey there, folks! It's the weekend again, and I'd thought I'd share another blog post with my ardent readers! This time, I've chosen to look at something different for a change- and must admit that after scouring the Internet for more information on this particular piece -- I had only manage to discover a few decent articles. FYI, I am in no way trying to better another person's article, or make unwarranted comparisons. Just planning on writing a clean, fun and informative mini review on one of my favorite Transformer Characters from the Japan only cartoon and toy series : トランスフォーマー 超神マスターフォース or Transformers Chojin / God Masterforce Series! Well, ladies and gentlemen, the character in question is the mighty and powerful : FIRE GUTS GOD GINRAI!

Front Graphics On Box Depicts Ginrai's God Combined Form
Essentially, this is a repaint/recolour of the regular God Ginrai release, and was made into a collector's Japan only exclusive by none other than the regular maker of exclusive Transformers, e-hobby in the year 2001. This one of a kind release coincided with a limited run of approximately 1,600 pieces in circulation worldwide at the moment. I was again fortunate enough to obtain this kick-ass piece for my collection at a decent price, and thus in the process, complete my trio of God Ginrai releases which somewhere along the line, have been released as exclusives, (Think Nucleon Quest Super Ginrai) or as a one-off reissue (The 2003 regular God Ginrai). It's a thoroughly satisfying achievement, no doubt,--but one must also be patient -- and not balk at the inane price this set is going for currently in the market.

Back of the Box shows the Battle-Scene and regular God Ginrai reissue
Now, I would just like to give a little round-up on the various parts, playability and overall thoughts of each components which make up this super combination.

Ginrai Cab-Truck Mode:

A mixture of two shades of orange, chrome smoke-stacks and crimson moulded plastic. A mid-sized cab not proportionately bigger than a Deluxe Class Universe 2.0 figure. The transformation from cab-truck mode into its mini robot mode is pretty standard and simplified- swivel the side panels of the cab to form the arms, pull down the entire back part forward to form the legs and rotate them forward at the waist, and finally, pull out the robot head from the top of the cab's roof. To me, this is a simple yet bold colour scheme which while some people think its too garish, works well because of the proportion of the deep and vibrant colours used. This will evidently be the complimentary colour scheme which will be observed throughout the whole toy.

Ginrai Cab-Robot Mode:

Ginrai's Cab-Robot mode carries the orange and red theme throughout. His head is reminiscent of the "Optimi" predecessors, and has the signature mouth-guard and blue eyes. Height wise, he stands at no more than 7 inches, and has limited articulation, save for his fore-arms , waist and knees. A blue sticker window and stickers on his knee-pads, thighs and hip-guard complements the robot mode well. A simple yet pleasing on the eye design, which a is used as a power-up cab mode component/ torso for his super-robot mode.

Hi-Q / Ginrai Power-Master Engine:

A sub-component as a result of the fusion between the highly advance level of science brought about by the Cybertrons/Autobots, the human host Ginrai has been granted the ability at will-- to telepathically bond his mind, body and spirit into the robot-cab. The mechanism here for the combination is dubbed as "Masterforce" technology. Here, Ginrai becomes a humanoid tech piece capable of turning into the engine, in which he attaches onto the front grille of the cab-truck-- thus transforming into the mid-sized sentient robotic counterpart. The Ginrai humanoid figure for Fire Guts Ginrai utilizes the same transformation scheme, that is just by simply folding the legs upward and to the sides, and viola-- we have engine mode!

The "engine" mode is a super-charged accessory, and half the fun of this gimmick is that it could be used to unlock Ginrai's "super Robot Mode". He is primarily covered in black, yellow and copper-inspired chrome. To me, it looks good in both modes, and as an extra bonus, can also act as an extra action figure which can be deployed when the base is in "battle-station" mode! All in all, a very cool little figure with pleasing aesthetics and sharp colour combination.

Ginrai Trailer / Attack Mode:

Ginrai's Super Trailer combination: Impressive

Ginrai's combined vehicular mode utilizes all his components, and measures an impressive 20 inches in length. Essentially, he used it in many occasions to carry the Junior Head Masters around for special assignments when fighting the Destron/Decepticon forces. To connect the tow bar from the armored trailer to the main trailer, you have to separate the main trailer in two so that you can fasten the ends of the bar into the spaces on the inside of each panel. Once they are secure, just reconnect the panels of the main trailer. For me, the colour coordination and combined trailer mode is solid, imposing and a mean ride-- added for more all-round qualities is the various cannons and weapons attached-- you definitely DO NOT want to mess with this imposing super-trailer!

Trailer Base Mode:

Super-Base Attack Mode: Very useful when you want more attacking options, no?

This is one of the best gimmicks which the toy designers came up with during the 80's when it came to developing "Leader" Class figures at that time. Not only was Ginrai capable of transforming into a super trailer-cab, he could also shift his carrying command center into a fully battle ready-functional command base ! In order to transform the trailer into base-mode, begin by lifting up the top panel of the trailer at a slight angle, so as to ease the folding of both the side panels located in the middle of the trailer. Next, split the rear of the trailer (both halves in to a 90° angle) outwards, so as to become the support base for the battle-station. Now fold out the side panels once again on each side and then the ramps (catapults) need to be folded out as shown in the photo above. The center panel should now be folded downward 90°. Fold the arm parts down then rotate them upward. Now attach the various weapons to the base as shown. The connector piece located on top of the base can be rotated outward so that it looks like a center cannon. This isn't identified in the instruction manual but looks better in this position.

Super Ginrai:

Super Ginrai is the combined mode of the cab-truck and Trailer, along with some parts from God Bomber. Super Ginrai measures about 9.5 inches from feet to head. He still suffers from limited articulation , and can rotate his arms up/down and outward at the shoulders. He can also be placed in a wider stance due to the joints at his hips. To transform Super Ginrai from trailer mode, lift the top panel slightly then fold out the panels located at the middle of the trailer. Stand the robot on the base of the trailer so that the wheels are facing forward as shown in the photo above. Fold down both arms 180° and rotate them downward 90° so that they are next to his hips. Extend both fists by push out the sliding Red pieces. There is a trailer connector which sticks out in front that needs to be rotated towards the back and out of the way. Next, have the cab-robot transformed by folding the rear section upward 90°. Once you have a cube-like cab, insert it into the torso section of the robot. You can also attach the metallic-Orange torso piece (shown later) from God Bomber to Super Ginrai in "Power-Up" mode which is called the God Breaster. -__- u Yeah--I know... I know...
Looking Sharp: A true Power-up Armor!

God-Bomber, like all the Powermasters in the Masterforce series, originated as a "Transtector" or a sentient piece of space-rock armor-cab which responded to Ginrai's in-tuned cybertronian-telepathy via his Ginrai Cab-truck. He is incapable of speech, and only acts as a trailer extension and can be split into parts to combine Super Ginrai into God Ginrai. The Trailer carries various rifles, a pair of super-wings and a super weapon : the God-Cannon. Primarily red and with orange chrome, he is the support for Ginrai if he is in a jam-- more often than not, God-Bomber is called upon to save Ginrai's hide.
He was later upgraded to complement Ginrai's circuity in what was known as "The God-bomber Project"-- a top secret experimentation led by the Cybertrons in a secret location. Although the Destrons threatened to destroy the Autobot's secret and potentially powerful ally and weapon, they inadvertently fell short ad failed. The Junior Head Masters, Shoota, Cab and Minerva, can harness God Bomber's abilities in their Head-Master mech-armor/transtector -- in addition, Ginrai carries them on many a mission in God Bomber's carrier bay for ease of transport when in flight mode.

God Bomber-Robot Mode:
God Bomber: Transform!! Ready for Action

Picture above shows an Unreleased Prototype God Bomber during the height of popularity
by Takara: Damn, is it super Anime Accurate!

His first "appearance" officially as having an alternative robotic form was during : Episode No 28. Entitled " - Overlord Terror of Chokon Tornado!" He came to Ginrai's aid when he was getting hos A$$ whopped by the Destron God-Master General, Overlord. To transform the trailer into God Bomber's robot mode, the step is rather off-beat, in that you're basically separating parts to create the robot body, rather than actually "transforming" the figure. The first step is to remove all of the weapons then separate the chrome front piece from the rear at the hole-n-peg joints. Remove the pieces from the top which will be used to create his arms. Separate the top piece from the rear then divide the trailer in two pieces which form the robots legs. Take these two parts (wheels to the back) and fold out the parts 180° to create his feet. Now re-attach the piece that was removed from the top of the trailer. There are two pegs which connect the legs to this newly formed torso. Fold out God Bombers head and re-attach the chrome-Orange grille piece to the back of God Bomber. Attach the God Wings to each shoulder hole and re-attach the arms to the peg on the wings. Now for the last step...connect the Machine Gun God Cannon with Missile to the hole on his left shoulder. The final result is shown above.

God Ginrai: Bad-A$$!

The ultimate combined mode of both Super Ginrai and God Bomber, he is the most strongest toughest warrior among the Cybertrons under his command. As the Supreme Commander
, he commands the respect and instills fear into the hearts of the Destrons. To begin God Ginrai's 'gattai ' sequence, start from Super Ginrai robot mode. Separate the armored trailer in two parts then connect them to the bottom of God Ginrai's legs creating his feet. There is a protruding part which connects to the gap at the rear of his legs. Once you insert this piece it should snap into place. Now take the top of the armored trailer part which is grey and connect it to God Ginrai's back where the two peg holes are located. Fold down the connector piece downward behind his head so that it rests on top of the recently connected piece. Now connect the God Wings to the peg holes on the backpack. Take the metallic-Orange grille and attach it to his torso which locks into place. Now attach all of the weapons as shown in the photos provided.

Overall Thoughts:

God Ginrai is an excellent addition to any collector's list as he is an imposing figure when fully combined. This, in addition with the gimmicks, weaponry and his uber-status as one of the most sought after Leader Class figures from the 1980's is more than enough reason to break the bank and get him. While I may understand the reluctance to obtain a mere "repainted" figure, this 2001 reissue from the e-hobby folks stands out from the crowd. He is one of a kind, unique and looks damn good in your glass display case-- guaranteed 100% satisfaction! With that, I would highly recommend you get at least one of the God Ginrai Reissues, and you will not regret purchasing such an flawless collectible! God Ginrai thus deserves a very solid and commanding 5 ***** Stars / over 5 *****Stars!!!

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