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Friday, November 13, 2009


Multi-On: Gattai Landcross!

Hi guys, this is [Wing_Saber-X] once again, writing to add another interesting review of more Transformer goodness to my blog! This time its another nostalgic and ingenious piece of multi-combiner type of function. The concept is similar to that of the Superlink/ Energon of Two Part "Power-Linx" combination. Essentially, there will be two robots which will swap being the top part or bottom part, and the second robot will have the similar ability to combine both ways. The combiners which such ability which will be featured, came from none other than the very famous and now (the best- in terms of story and characters, in my humble opinion) Transformers Victory or 戦え!超ロボット生命体 トランスフォーマーV cartoon series and subsequent toys which were released from the late 80's till the early 1990's. The group of bots here which I will highlight is none other than the Multiforce/ (マルチ戦隊 Multisentai) which, when under extreme danger, can merge and transform into the one and only tough and speedy warrior, the Super-Multi Gestalt : LandCross!

Multiforce Set of Six Individual Boxes, Reissued in 2004

Back of the Individual Boxes

The internet is quite scarce when it came to the original 1989 released Giftset version, so as usual, the next best thing to do , is to naturally and hunt for the exclusive once only reissued set of all SIX (6) members. It was somehow re-released exclusively only for the Takara Micromasters DX Line, and therefore the entire figures were updated with more paint-applications to replace stickers, --PLUS, : NEWER- ANIME ACCURATE HEADS!!-AWESOME-- most notably on the individual faces of the Multiforce Team Members. It is also noted that the members are individually numbered via a small port-hole with numerals assigned for each member, for e.g. #1 depicts the box is containing the "Wing" figure, and so on.

Side View of Boxes

Multiforce is one of the very first line in the Transformers Franchise which utilizes the ability to combine into one bigger robot from two distinct smaller ones. Here, as usual it would be the quick and easy review which is unbiased but also uncomplicated for your reading pleasure! (I wont bother to write a detailed list or show all 37 types of transformation and Multi-combination process, as there are already some decently written ones already out there on the internet) :-P

Takara Giftset, released 1992 and copyrighted 1989-

The Original 1989 Instruction Sheet!

Okay guys, ill just give a brief run through on all the individual members of the Multiforce, starting with the youngest Team Leader which goes by the name of Wing. He transforms into a "Fighter-Jet", and also forms the mid-section and torso of Landcross. The spare parts which he comes packaged with include a single gun and the head of Landcross. He is also the top-half of the double combination together with his multi-force partner "Waver", to combine into the Air & Sea Warrior: Wingwaver.

His plane and robot mode is essentially molded in a light grey plastic, a black cockpit coupled with a pair of red wings, with white and silver paint applications. The differences between the original and the reissue highlighted here is once again the paint application touch-ups to Wing's face. Whereas the original issue had just the yellow painted face, the reissue gave him a silver face with light yellow colored eyes. He comes with a hand-gun and the Giant combined Landcross head, which attaches to the bottom of his legs .

Wing: Transformers Victory Self

Wing: Old Face, 1989

Wing: New Face, 2004

Wing: Wingwaver Face Close-Up, 2004

Wing: Attack Plane Mode

Wing: Robot Mode

Wing: Torso Combined-part mode

Okay, after just giving a brief view of the Multiforce Leader, "Wing" , we shall move on to his combining partner, which is known as the 'Sea Warrior' and goes by the name of Waver! Waver is the deputy-leader of the Multiforce, and transforms into a hydro-foil speed boat. His Hydrofoil mode is essentially molded in a white plastic, a blue cockpit coupled with a pair of red hydro-engine and speed-boat skies. The differences between the original and the reissue highlighted here is once again the paint application touch-ups to Waver's face.

Whereas the original issue had just the light blue painted, the reissue gave him a silver face with light yellow colored green eyes. In robot mode, Waver shares almost the similar colour scheme as his commander and Leader Wing. Red and silver accents, a giant "boat" feet compliment his robot mode well. He is usually the bottom half of the Wingwaver combination, as well as also serving as the lower body / mid section area and thigh when combining into Landcross.


Waver: Transformers Victory Self

Waver: Old Face, 1989

Waver: Face close-up, 2004

Waver: Hydro-foil Speed Boat Mode

Waver: Robot Mode

Waver: Lower part or thigh area mode

Multi-On!: Wiiing-Waverrr!!

Wing Waver: Multi-On Combined mode!

Next, we shall move on to the Space Shuttle-warrior, which is known as the 'Moon Guardian' who goes by the name of Mach of the Multiforce, which is able to transform into a the Left-Arm unit of Landcross. His Space-Shuttle mode is essentially also molded in a white plastic, a blue cockpit/ windows coupled with a pair of black wing attachments. These will form the main chest-piece for Landcross, and also act as as a weapon in Flight-Attack Mode. The differences between the original and the reissue highlighted here is once again the paint application touch-ups to Mach's face.

Whereas the original issue had just a generic re-painted face, the reissue gave him a much streamlined face by breaking up the red and adding a touch of silver apps on his mouth guard. Minor alterations can been seen below. In robot mode, Mach consists of a white (body) and blue (arms and head) colour scheme. He is usually the top half of the Machtackle combination, as well as also serving as the lower body / mid section area and thigh area when combining into Landcross.

Mach: Victory Self

Old-Head Sculpt, 1989

More Anime Accurate
Head-sculpt, 2004

Mach: Space Shuttle Mode

Mach: robot Mode


Left-Arm Mode

Machtackle Head

Without further ado, we shall move on partner in-crime, 'Earth-warrior,' who goes by the name of Tackle, which is able to transform into a the Left-Leg unit of Landcross. His Jeep mode is essentially molded in a orange plastic, dark-blue windows/ jeep bed, and coupled with a foot-piece attachment for Landcross, and also act as as a weapon. The differences between the original and the reissue is once again highlighted here, is that there are slight paint application touch-ups to Tackle's face.

Whereas the original issue had just a generic blue re-painted face, and dark-orange helmet, the reissue gave him a much streamlined face by breaking up the blue splodge and adding a touch of silver apps on his lower face and red visor. Minor alterations can been seen below. In robot mode, Tackle consists of a orange (body) and blue chest colour scheme. He is usually the bottom half of the Machtackle combination, as well as also serving as the upper body / mid section when combining into "Tacklemach".

Tackle: Old Face, 1989

Reissue Face, 2004

Jeep Mode

Tackle: Robot Mode

Tackle's super Multi-on head

Multi-On!: Machtackle!

Tackle: Left Leg Mode

Left: Machtackle Right: Tackemach

Okay, folks-- if you've managed to make it this far to this part of the review, then we are onto our last and final Multiforce Duo! The next to be featured is none other than the super-speedster of the bunch : Dash! His alternate mode is a Japanese 80's Sports Car, and he becomes the Right-Arm piece of the super warrior Gestalt Landcross. Primarily red and silver in Robot mode, he also carries the right-hand fist/rifle for the combined Landcross. As with the other reissues from 2004, what id admire the most from Takara is the ability to add a touch of simple yet effective paint changes or plastic colour choices. Here, as seen below, i like the way his visor is painted a light blue, much like the cartoon series, and also the lighter gray plastic used for his whole head. Brilliant. Sure makes a hell of a lot of difference, no?! Also, its slightly neater overall and doesn't look half-cheaply done.

Tacker: Original Release , 1989

Tacker, 2004 Reissue

Dash: Sports Car mode

Dash: Robot Mode

Dashtacker Multi-on head

Multi-On! Dashhtackerrr!

Dashtacker, Robot Mode

Dash, right-Arm Mode

We now move swiftly on to the last but not least member of the Multiforce, whose alternate mode is somewhat bears a resemblance to that of an army tank and a truck . He is none other than : Tacker! Nevermind that he also sports the green army-colored paintwork, he also has the attitude to boot! A no-nonsense army strategist, and all round tough guy! Tacker transforms and adds the final component to combine into Landcross, that of the Right-Leg component. Obvious changes are to the face area again, and in the case of the blue uneven painted face for the original 1989 release, compared to a more uniformed colour scheme for the 2004 reissue.

Tacker, 1989

Tacker, 2004

Tacker Army-vehicle mode

Tacker, robot mode

Tacker, right Leg mode

Tackerdash multi on mode, head

Tackerdash multi-on robot mode

Okay, now for the moment you've ALL been waiting for! The six young members of the Multiforce can utilize the Multi-On abilities bestowed to transform and combine into the
Multi-Gestalt Warrior : Landcross!

The following mini review is by Aussie Trans fan who goes by the name of Many Thanks goes out to him, and here's hoping that he will allow me to kind of "tweak" the review to suit it to my style, and of course the verdict and final say will definitely defer from his won views! A very humbling thank-you, mate!

COMBINED ROBOT MODE Height: 23cm Width: 18cm

A huge , impressive and not to mention imposing, Gestalt considering the size of his individual components, Landcross is a lanky combination of six small components, or a blend of three larger components, depending on how you look at it. Including Landcross himself and the individual small robots, there are thirty-seven different permutations, but I'll concentrate on the combined mode here. Incidentally, the six components combine to form Landcross in a fixed scheme. You can interchange the leg components, but it wont look right.

Multiforce Vehicular modes!

Multiforce Group shot!

Landcross "default" Multi-on combinations

From L-R : Wingwaver, Dashtacker & Machtackle

Landcross fits the standard six member configuration, with Dash as the right arm, Mach as the left, Tacker as the right leg and Tackle as the left leg, white Wing is the central torso and Waver the lower torso and thighs. There aren't any connecting pieces, the components all connect to each other, but Landcross does have add on pieces - the fists, footplates, head and chestplate are all black (dark charcoal on the reissue), the hip/thigh plate is a dark blue. The gun is actually formed from the six component handguns which is an added touch, and the chestplate is Mach's shuttle attack mode wings. The super-robot is silver with yellow eyes and has a nice black helmet and sculpt, complete with the "generic" serious looking robot mug. The eyes are a richer yellow on the reissue, the original has a greenish tinge.

Tacker and Tackle become both legs

The chestplate has twin Autobot logos on either side, which are on gold stickers (with white outline) on the original and on yellow stickers (no outline) on the reissue. The center of the chest is painted gold, the reissue has a lighter gold paint and there's some chrome red present also.

Waver attaches to both legs and becomes the thigh/waist area

MachTackle effectively becomes the left side, DashTacker the right and WingWaver the central section, although both Wing and Waver are hidden behind the plates - Wing is almost totally hidden. The overall colour scheme works quite well, although the switch from vermilion to orange plastic on Tackle for the reissue hurts a little. Still, the fact they've avoided any weird colours and allow white and black to dominate means he looks good overall. He shares a similar body shape with Superion, aside from being lanky like Superion, he also has the broad shoulders that the Aerialbot Gestalt has. In fact, Landcross has big shoulder-pads formed from the front sides of Dash's car mode and Mach's shuttle mode.

Mach and Dash become Landcross's arms and fists

Almost done.... Hey! Where did my Head Go?!!

Poseability is limited because of the way they are designed. The arms rotate on two axes at the elbows, but since they effectively connect to the torso at the elbows (with unmovable shoulders detached from forearms), you can't do much other than lift the forearms without making the arms look weird. The hips also rotate on two axes, the first means he can do the splits, the second allows his legs to swing, which does give some poseability, although the lack of knee joints and big flat feet mean stable standing poses are limited. Still, the fact he _has_ leg poseability is better than most Gestalts.


As mentioned, he has been reissued. The original release was in 1989, the reissue in 2004 is most easily identified by the switch from vermilion to orange for Tackle's primary colour, as well as stamped Autobot symbols being added to the paint masks for the individual toys. For a more complete rundown on differences, see my reviews of the three component sets.

- As mentioned in the beginning, The reissue was sold as individual toys in trading boxes, which included chase black versions - which are almost entirely black save for most of the gestalt parts - all but the groin are a charcoal colour. The black version has gold eyes on an unpainted face, and red Autobot logo stickers on the chest.


Landcross really fits the original meaning of the word Gestalt - greater than the sum of parts. His combined robot mode itself is nice, - and although there are better Gestalts out there, his real strong playability and nostalgic factor is when you figure out how and which one of his six components fits or combines together. The mixing and matching of the components is fun, and provides for some interesting combinations - with my both favorite two combinations being Dashwaver and Dashwing. None of the individual toys are awesome, but when you bring together the entire Multiforce, forming Landcross is only part of the fun - 9/10

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