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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Alternity Diamond Black Megatron: Samurai Overlord!

Hello there, fellow readers! Once again, [Wing_Saber-X] is proud to bring you another quick-fire mini-review featuring the Destron/ Decepticon Emperor of Destruction in his latest incarnation! Yes, ladies and gentleman, the sinister character here under the spot-light is none other than: Alternity A02 Megatron Diamond Black. Ver. !

Sexy in Black!

This is the latest release in the series of Japanese Super sports cars i.e. after Alternity convoy feat. Nissan GTR, Megatron is once again reincarnated into the Nissan Fairlady 370Z, only this time, he gets the "super Black" treatment ala Super Black convoy feat the Nissan GTR. This paint scheme, like Alternity Convoy, is already in its third release, after a silver and blue colour release. So far, I have scoured the internet in order to get Diamond Black Megatron's bio, but there have been none which has been translated from any of the vast Transformers forums, websites and message boards. Thus, I'll have to take a "rain-cheque", and offer my sincere apologies for not linking his bio, guys and girls. :-P

Looking Good!

Got him off hand at a slightly decent price than what we can obtain from the internet, and of course as usual, he comes in the compact but stylishly packaged Alternity packaging. To me, anything to do with "Black" repaints always goes well with my system, and this black beauty is no exception. What marvels me the most is that the Takara toy engineers were able to produce a stunning miniature car model only 1:32 scale in size, no less, with a detailed articulation, hood, and car engine, PLUS not to mention a detailed interior! which folds neatly and functionally when conversion into robot mode takes place! Okay, enough of pointless ramblings, guys, and lets quickly shift our attentions and begin the mini-review, shall we?!

Compact and neat packaging!

Car Mode

His car mode is pretty to look at, albeit also suffering from the same kind of "line" panels break, which is unavoidable, unfortunately, as it is required in his design in order to transform into his robot mode. The black sheen on the care looks awesome, and is just like looking straight at a "real-world" shrunken-down Fairlady 370Z! The added extras which consists of all four sporty-silver-tyre rims, translucent headlights, red tail lights, and the Nissan Fairlady Z logo embossed on the back and front of the care mode just adds a level of wonderful detailing on an already flawless car mode. Love it! 5 ***** stars / over 5 ***** stars!

Car Mode: Back and Front View

Both his side doors open fully, and so does his hood, revealing a highly detailed looking engine!

The interior shows the standard seats, a dashboard, as well as a steering wheel and gear box. The coll thing about this feature, is that once folded in robot mode, the interior detailing is hidden from view.

Okay, guys, if you thought that the car mode looked pretty awesome, then now we shall move on and take a closer look at what everyones keen to see: Megatron's Black Ver. Robot Mode! Although he is similar in design as his silver and blue counterpart, to me, this Black Ver. Diamond Megarton just has an overall feel and looks miles ahead. There is no denying that the red, gold and black colour combination lends to an air of "Shogun Warrior" even more so. Underneath the car mode, you can get an idea of how his robot mode details are laid out when you transform him to robot mode. For weapons, Megatron carries duel two-handed gold coloured Katana's. Also you can see the Samurai Armour influence to the right side diagram. He has a plated Kusazuri/ or Tassets (guards) which fold at the bottom of his car mode. Also, the Old school Megatron "bucket" head design is more streamlined here, this time with the Japanese Helmet or Samurai "Kabuto" reference which even more Japanese Samurai Battle-Armour Influence shown here.

Robot Mode

His robot mode is pretty much the same height as the rest of the Alternity's which have been released thus far. His car doors are folded to the sides, and compact-- the designers are once again taking the Samurai element as when folded up, the car doors do vaguely resemble a pair of "Sode"-- or Shoulder Armor. The kibble-car back portion is evident here, but to me it doesn't hinder/ limit his overall robot mode appearance. If anything, it give the impression that he is carrying some sort of "back-armor"!

In robot mode, the Kusazuri forms into Megatron's upper leg/ waist Armour, revealing the Destron/ Decepticon emblem.... which I suppose, also represents his "Meadate" or Samurai Crest/ which usually adorns the Kabuto/Samurai helmet. Subtle touches like these only adds to the coolness/ kakkoii factor of the overall design! Megarton has a huge level of articulation as seen from the following gratuitous shots! As usual, the Die-cast content is pretty much 40-60 -- meaning only certain parts of the robot mode are die-cast, which include: the waist, thighs, lower legs, and front bonnet of the car has some amount of die-cast

Overall, this is one sleek car and robot mode which gets better each time it is seen, with this kickass combination of black, gold and red. I would highly recommend Alternity Diamond Black Megatron, especially for those who are Japanese car enthusiasts, and also those who are casual die-cast car collectors. The pictures don't really do any justice to the high level of toy-engineering, detail, paint apps, ans overall quality of the toy in question! Also, added to the fact that he is painted in glossy, car-illuminating BLACK paint, he already gets a big thumbs up in my hard to please book! On that note, so ends the mini-review of Alternity A02-Diamond Black Megatron! He most deservedly gets a high scoring review of 5 ***** stars / over 5 ***** stars! My most favorite of the Alernity Megatron's thus far!

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