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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hello fellow Bloggers! It is with great pleasure once again for me to present to you with a one of a kind Japanese limited Black Repaint-- (Hmm, I wonder why those Japanese toy makers are so very fascinated with the colour black?!) LOL! The mystery figure in question is none other than the much sought after Toy's Dream Project Exclusive : " CG-14 DARK FANG WOLF!"

This was a limited run for the year 2005, consisting of only 3,000 pieces produced worldwide. It was made only available through the purchase of Galaxy Force toys and merchandise. I chanced upon its availability while scouring e-bay and online messages boards for another rare, and intriguing black repaint to add to my collection! I got him fairly rather at a decent price plus shipping included, and told myself that this is a damn good repaint to pass up! :D

Let's begin by examining the Character. Essentially he appeared as one of the supporting robots from the Transformers: Cybertron/Galaxy Force line which also ran as an animation series of the same name during the year 2004-2005. He hails from the Jungle Planet, and is a loyal soldier in the fight against the oppression and destructive band of Destrons/ Decepticons led by the main villain, Master Megatron. His motto and stats are translated from Fang Wolf's Japanese Bio Card.

Fang Wolf GC-14
Function: Fierce Animal Commander
Motto: “I roar with justice! Report!”
Galaxy Convoy File: On planet Animatros/ Jungle Planet, this soldier reverses the tide in battle. His fang is a blade of steel, and his tail the sharp bullet. In beast mode, he can out run and catch enemies, and has incredible vision – even able to see in the darkness of night. Once he was friends with Flame Convoy - what actions drove them apart? Stats: Strength : 8 ; Intelligence: 8 ; Speed: 9 ; Endurance: 7 ; Rank: 7 ; Courage: 8 ; Fireblast: 8 and finally Skill: 8 --Total: 62

Beast Mode:

Sharp and bold colours. Consisting primarily of black, silver and yellow trim on the eyes of wolf mode head, hips and hind legs. Beast mode is definitely more distinct from the regular version of the toy, and in my opinion gives it a more "sinister" look and feel overall. What else is there to mention, except that the Japanese are specialists at black redecos--and definitely sure know how to produce a super-cool figure made from plastic! I love this mode, and the fact that black wolfs are the epitome of power and darkness! >:)

Robot Mode:

He is basically the same mold as the regular GC-14 Fang Wolf, --however, the black, silver and yellow scheme is more evident here. Definitely the robot mode is an epitome of black raw, power--His Wolf head folds into a kibble-arm, but to me its the standard beast-to-robot transformation and an absolute must for a animal head extension or hand. He has the same head sculpt-- more akin to the Beast Wars type of pseudo-robotic animal face and design. Hmm, come to think of it, I kinda see a slight resemblance to Beast Wars Silverbolt, since the only logical explanation is that he is a wolf-type also-- albeit a Winged Fuzor! ;)

The picture below shows the regular blue and white colour scheme for the mass-release Fang Wolf. An obvious observation is that the regular version lacks the face details, as the snout and animal features is muted by the white unpainted look- to me he appears to be more "docile".
Personally, I am not really a huge fan of unpainted paint apps, although Takara skimmed the cheap-meter with Wolf Fang's regular release, the Dark Version is miles ahead in terms of style and overall look.

Force Chip /Cyber Planet Key:

One of the main features is that the Cyber Planet Key activates a neat feature on the toy, whereby when once inserted into a slot behind its neck area, Fang Wolf can deploy a spring mechanism for its beast mode mouth to bare his fangs! I think the cyber key itself doesn't look too shabby, green transparent plastic with chrome and silver paint apps. I personally love the Abstract Animal Claw-it adds character and is also a neat accessory for the toy.

Weapons And Gimmick:

As with other Galaxy Force releases, Dark Fang Wolf retains the same missile launcher weapon (a detachable piece produced from his Wolf Mode tail) as the regular release. The only differences are the obvious colour scheme of his tail launcher and missile projectile, as seen in the pictures. A spring loaded mechanism fires the projectile-- and there is also a cool feature- his tail weapon also doubles up as a sword! This adds more interchangeable play value to an already impressive robot mode! :D

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Dark Fang Wolf is a solid looking mold. Coupled with the "exclusivity" of its release, not to mention its sharp, brooding paint scheme, it is highly recommended for those who are really into black repaints. As for availability int the current market, expect to pay not more than US$ 80 for the figure, with shipping charges included. All in all I am pretty chuffed to have been able to chance on this black beauty repaint, and this might even prompt me to go out and hunt for another of the Toy's Dream Project Black Exclusive Repaints: GX-03 Galaxy Force Soundblaster! Thus, I give Dark Fang Wolf a very positive 5 ***** / over 5 ***** stars! Perfect! :D

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