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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


^You've got the touch! Please light our darkest hour! :-p

Hey there my fellow blog followers from the world over! It's another one of those 
'upcoming' and anticipated toy  release posts for today. Looking at the recent coverage of all the latest Masterpiece Transformers news release over the past week, I must say that good ol' Adam here needs another writing fix, even it's just merely a 'filler' post. Call it lazy blogging or whatever, but the fact that so many of the fandom has been having mixed feelings -- more often negatively looking at the minor details of just how the resin prototype of the latest addition to the highly collectible MP-09 Hot Rodimus/ Rodimus Prime Masterpiece toy, really gets my blood somewhat boiling out of minor frustration!! LOL. 

Going back to the recent picture and news, credited to tfw2005 and HKTF, the design and little cult' nuances to the 1986 Animated movie -- such as the 'high vision binocular / visor' briefly deployed in the now iconic and revered 1986 Movie, shows that the designers are mindful of his role in  Transformers lore, however disagreeable in the eyes of the fandom. IMHO, they have made a solid and intricate transformation scheme, very much like the animated model of the Rodimus Prime transformation scheme which utilizes his 'Winnebago' trailer / command base. Kudos to them for that. Throw in a really kickass and realistically sculpted face , it  adds to the overall coolness factor! Awesome!

^Rodimus Convoy, Takara style! 


Lets face it, the bottom line is that the Rodimus Prime character was never really written in a positive light especially when it came to the American Seasons 3 and 4 of the cartoon series. Hot rod wasn't much of an inspirational Prime-type either. Indecisive and unstable decisions under his stewardship of the Autobots are  some of the major reasons that he is somewhat not really a personal cult favorite for some fans. There was more of his misadventures in the later Japanese Headmasters continuity. Personally, I am more into the toy design and overall quality and collector's value that into the overall Character of the toy when it comes to those so-called 'flawed' and often criticized characters. Just be glad that we are spoilt for choice, and fellow transfans should rejoice that a new Masterpiece toy is upon us!


There is a debate and yet to be confirmed conclusion as to the exact height of this stunning
 and latest design. Judging from the prototype resin above, the intricate transformation might be even more challenging that that of Masterpiece Grimlocks'. The neat touch is that the homage paid to the original Generation One toy is pretty much still in tact, and more so now that toy engineering has
 officially reached the levels of  mind-boggling complexity. Also, while not confirmed, the amount of die-cast will play a pivotal role in justifying the really high price tag of an estimated USD $200-- That's on par with the Mp04 re-release of Convoy/ Optimus, but with the added bulk and trailer attached. Hmm, we shall see....


^Pics  linked & credited to this site

While intriguing to some fans, I would like to adopt a wait and see approach on the path this release is going to take-- opinions and message-boards dedicated to very solid and honest debates on just how justifiable the final product is, must be taken into consideration all the time by the discerning fan. Budget and earmarked for the future release date of Jan 2011, but most likely bought at a later date-- possibly Feb/March if funds permit me. AS I am not really a fan of the Rodimus Prime character, there might be other releases during that period which will be more important to get. 

Hot Rod/ Rodimus Prime Copyright 1986, 2010 Hasbro and Takara

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