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Monday, August 23, 2010



Hi there folks form the world over! This is another random blog post by yours truly,
 Adam aka Wing Saber X.  Today's topic is one that might ring a familiar bell to those active online retail shoppers, who apart from reaching the maximum credit card limit on monthly expenditures--LOL!!-- are also constantly looking out for the most sensible (loose, subjective term) and bang for your buck kind of purchases online. I won't go into the drab details of my previous posts on how you need to be the best and most savvy online shopper/ bargain hunter and etc. Instead, I want to touch on a rather common subject on 'online retail therapy': Is there a fundamental need to constantly go out and splurge on the items which are in that moment of time, deemed a personal "necessity" to oneself? 

^Pic above linked and credited to this site


^Pic above linked and credited to this site

There are some personal boundaries which I have sort of mentally set up to encourage myself  NOT to go overboard with buying more than I can afford at any given time. Granted, this sort of debate was raised due to several short comments by one of my siblings who felt rather worried for her twin brother who seems to have as they 'kindly' put it , 'lost control' of the entire situation. Although seemingly trying to explain that the monitoring of just  how many transactions are made through my PAYPAL purchases, and to make sure they don't exceed the "magic figure" mark, (cut off point for monthly arrears in credit card payment!LOL!) -- I can often understand my family's point of view that sometimes my actions seem out of line in terms of not being responsible for spending unnecessarily on my toy collecting passion. It's not that the stubborn or 'childish' side of me is deliberately going against my loved ones' advice and concern-- more often than not, the desire and passion to obtain a rare piece of Vintage figure is over-powering, and that nothing else matters for the time-being. It may come off to some as being selfish/ irresponsible and downright disrespectful; but I am always 
( but please be rest assured, mom! sis!)-- aware that my responsibilities lie in saving up for future commitments, especially now that I have decided to buy and invest in a piece of property for my own stay, realistically targeted in the next two years. Finger's crossed, that there are some newer developments especially in terms of 'affordable Condominium' projects which are sprouting out within the PJ/ Selangor areas in the forthcoming years. As I have personally and rather positively observed, the new vibrant trend nowadays here in Malaysia,  is for the young and single / or small families to live and invest in the blossoming Condo style settings. But I digress, and for me now, it looks as though either I will have to find an extra job to pay for all my toy binging 'vices' -- or drastically cut down and save up a 'fair' portion to obtain the freedom of living in my very own personal space. Life is one big decision making mess, IMHO. Crap! 

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There was an unnerving (and really uncool) incident which I intend to personally share with my fellow blog readers, which happened to me of all places-- in the vicinity of one of my most constant haunts for my weekend excursion- Amcorp Mall Flea Market. To those regular people who frequent the toys shops there, (I wont name that shop for safety, personal and professional reasons) please be warned that there might be a possible 'con-man. syndicate taking place to unsuspecting patrons. Was busy pottering around said shop, talking to my usual collectors of all things Transformers, when all of a sudden, I was rather rudely  abrupted by a stoic and tall Indian man believed to be in his late 20's to early 30's who rather sacrilegiously claimed that I am indebted to him in the form of a RM400 payment!! He eyed me for the whole entire time, made wild claims and was so sure till he even mentioned that my body shape was the same to the guy who owes him money. Okay.....What the FUCK was he on about, I thought?! Apparently, I looked just like the guy who he claimed was with him and his goons at some night club establishment and the end of July. Hello?! Is he on drugs/ high, not to mention crack-pot enough to claim that he was so cock sure I was the offending party? For the record, I was in the UNITED KINGDOM and just came back early August 2010. I have several credible friends and regular collectors--not to mention family members that can verify where exactly I was-- Rest assured, that if he comes up and harasses me again, Im asking the special squad of police form Bukit Aman for my personal protection!  Bottom line: I may be crazy about my collection, but I will NEVER--repeat--NEVER use or borrow some Loanshark's or random person's money just to fuel my needs. If you see this guy approaching you, DON'T hesitate to tell the Security staff at the mall!!!


Im not trying to be personal or pry into people's private failings/ online shopping addiction routine splurging-- far from it, this blog post was to reflect on my deep thoughts on where and when the online dependency to buy and add to the list of Vintage toys will be going in the near future. With the eventuality for the monthly housing loan repayments and other important financial commitments, I will still be able to buy one or two toys depending on how much of my income is left over-- naturally. Before I stop writing / adding to this post, I would like to leave you guys with some points to ponder. All advice/ thoughts published and linked to this site Reader discretion is strongly advised. As such, please note that Wingsabertoys will not be held 
responsible for any decision/ outcomes taken. 

How to Overcome Online Shopping Addiction

Do not Shop till you Drop!
Do not Shop till you Drop!
User-Submitted Article

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need:

  • Computer
  • Internet

  1. 1
    Set up a bank account for online shopping only and deposit a fixed amount of money every month in it. Stick to using only that account for online purchases of items that are not strict necessities.
    Also link your Paypal account there as well, lest you be tempted...

  2. 2
    Impulse purchases are the worst. How many times have I said, minutes after clicking the 'Buy it now' button:Why on Earth did I buy that? Here's a drastic way to avoid impulse buying: block certain online shopping sites forever, or only during certain times of the day, like afternoons at work or lazy Sundays.
    This Lifehacker article explains various ways of blocking websites, either permanently or part-time:

  3. 3
    Still spending? One drastic measure to avoid impulse buying is to simply put your credit card in the freezer, in some water, and let it turn into a block of ice. The time it takes the ice to melt will give you the opportunity to coolly decide whether an item is worth buying or not.

    Good luck! Remember, the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. ;)

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