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Saturday, August 21, 2010



Hi there guys and girls out there!  Welcome once again to the blog of super toy hunter and internet junkie, Adam aka Wing Saber X! Today is one of those days where if you are an aspiring toy collector, especially living on a shoe string budget of sorts-- well, the time has come to listen and listen good. LOL! What's the moral or topic for today, you may be asking diligently?! For me, well anyway, is the topic of keeping your "enemies" i.e. the persons who are on the "on hold" list of toy sellers, and separate them from the ones whom  your instincts can sort of rely on to get along with, and those you keep your distance from, but you know that someday down the line, that they are always keeping something of value that you are really keen on getting your dirty mits on!



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Overlord D-307 
Godmaster Function: Ambassador of Destruction
Transformation: Megajet, Gigatank & Command Base
Ability: Makes double-attacks using the jet aircraft and tank. Rapidly produces homicide weapons and missiles using his internal weapon plant.
Weapons: Transtector Destroyer Cannon
Final Attack: "Dis-Relive" - The strongest god-power in Destron history; he inflicts damage on the regenerative abilities of the Cybertrons transtectors.

Card info:
-Code name: Overlord
-Code number: D-307
-Level: 78
-Origin: Unknown
-Age: Unknown
-Profile: The super Godmaster occurs from the substance of seven Godmaster bodies which fell from outer space to Earth. He moves using the combined super soul energy of Giga and Mega who are human, but his mechanical function uses one of the seven Godmasters.
Overlord: 9.7, 9.9, 8.7, 9.6, 10, 9.7, 10, 9, 78
Giga: 8.9, 7.8, 6.7, 9.5, 9.8, 6.9, 6.9, 7, 65
Mega: 7.0, 7.8, 9.8, 6.9, 9.3, 7.0, 6.9, 8.5, 65


This is one of the most destructive and not to mention memorable Transformers villain to ever grace the franchise. I think one of the main reason that Overlord was unique was that the combination to combine two separate (but ruthless) traits of their "human" and Godmaster puppets in the form of a man and woman, serves  to provide a lethal combination of raw power and strength-- an unlikely and deadly force to combat the Cybertron/Autobots.  The brute alternate modes chosen are naturally, split into two separate sections. They consist of the Mega Jet and Giga Tank. To transform and combine both sections of Overlord, first you have to separate the Jet nosecone/ cockpit area (which becomes the arm guard or power-shield) --well I like to call it personally that! LOL! --form there in which the main part of the Mega Jet becomes the complete and bulky torso of the powerful Overlord robot. And as a finishing touch, the Giga Tank splits into half to form the lower legs to complete the transformation. Simple but the end result is a humongous and impressive robot mode! Id just give it mad props and massive plus points to the original designers for this kickass toy through utilizing the "Godmaster" power-up gimmicks. Just insert both Giga and Mega into the chest
 inserts of Overlord's main torso and viola! The various smaller weaponry
 such as the hip mini-guns are deployed in an instant! 



First and foremost, I would like to thank the below benefactor and source for whom I have sought to buy this masterpiece of a rare Transformers from. the question is, obviously, when will I be able to pay off the seller and collect this huge "pay dirt" and gigantic vintage Transformer Godmaster?!  Well for safety and anonymity reasons, I will not publish and will not go into the nitty gritty details of the kind of personal arrangement for which I have made between both interested parties. All I can look forward too is that this piece and specimen is in pristine condition. As far as the pictures are shown below, there seems to be no visible signs of toy degradation in terms of yellowing/fading in the grey parts of the Overlord torso-- nothing broken as well, as it is a well documented fact that the tail-fins and tank threads crack and break easily, given the susceptibility of the ageing and potential brittleness of the plastic over time. I have no issues with the slightly beat up box, and although there is a slight tear at the front of the box, it is not a big deal in terms of using it for display purposes. The box art is one of the most iconic and well known / sought after reasons why most serious Transformers aficionados are not reluctant to spend a pretty penny for him. Me included, of course!! A++

The story of Overlord begins with the mysterious alien energy-being, Devil Z, who sought to create the ultimate super-robot lifeform. Stealing a selection of Transformer Transtectors—lifeless robot bodies designed to merge with smaller robots—from a sector of space known as G Nebula 89, he scattered them across the Earth, intending for them to absorb the planet’s energies, known as Chichōkon, in addition to the heavenly Tenchōkonenergy they had acquired from the G Nebula. Grand and Shuta's Masterforce Super Secrets Alongside the largest of the eight Transtectors brought to the planet, Devil Z slumbered deep within an ocean trench, awaiting the day that his plan could come to fruition, when human souls would bond with the Transtectors, endowing them withJinchōkon, the power of Man, and giving the resultant lifeforms, the Godmasters, the power over the three primal energies of life. That day came when two human beings, a husband and wife named Giga and Mega, came into Devil Z's service and were both bonded with the largest Transtector.A Strange Friendship: Cancer and Minerva The duo now controlled the dual aspects of the Transtector; Giga piloted the "Gigatank", while Mega controlled the "Megajet". Expose the Decepticons' Dark Deception!

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More pictures and details of the European release for Overlord can be seen here and here! Big credit and appreciative linkages to those sites are always noted!!! In addition, there is a link to the one and only super-awesome Peaugh who is the number one reviewer of all Transformer toy videos. His kickass and inspiring in hand review for Overlord can be viewed here. Respect. More cool Anime videos for Overlord's awesomeness can be viewed here! 


Generation One

  • Overlord (1988, Japan; 1991, Europe)

    • Japanese ID number: D-307
    • Accessories: Giga and Mega Godmaster engines, "Transtector Destroyer Cannon", three missiles, tank barrel, two ramps/shin guards, central ramp, two radar arrays, double-barreled laser, rocket launcher, car.
Overlord consists of two vehicles, the Megajet and Gigatank, which are able to combine together to form a robot mode or a base mode. Like any Godmaster (or Powermaster), Overlord is only able to transform when Giga and Mega are fixed in place. Inserting Giga into the tank splits it in half to form legs for robot mode, or alternately, the left and right emplacements of the base (the left containing a fold-out twin cannon, the right a poseable claw arm). Fitting Mega into the jet, meanwhile, unlocks the toy's shoulder articulation for robot mode and its fold-out launchpad for base mode. Once the toy is in robot mode, the figures can be removed from their sockets and fitted into two further ports hidden beneath doors on his chest, which unlock the multi-barreled "Chōkon Daemon Blast" and spring-loaded "Chōkon Bolt Masher" weapons that pop out of his stomach. One figure can also fit into the Roller-style car that comes with the set. There is, unfortunately, no one mode that uses all of Overlord's many accessories. Standing approximately 15" in robot mode, Overlord is taller than most Transformer toys, though certainly not all.
Overlord's instructions do not feature the additional large jet mode seen in the animated series, as it (like Sixshot's "Wingwolf" mode or BlackZarak's "Dakatsu" mode) was created by the cartoon's production staff after fiddling around with the toy itself. As such, it's entirely possible to put the toy in this form, although it doesn't rest evenly on a flat surface.
Initially exclusive to Japan, Overlord's toy was later released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand with character re-imagined as aPowermaster, bonded to nameless "Energon mini-figures". Logically, it can be assumed that this toy represents a different character than the Japanese Mega-Giga-Overlord (just as, for example, Cab is a different character from Hosehead). Interestingly, though, his on-package bio includes a line which, apropos of nothing, notes that he has the ability to "traverse the dimensions." This perhaps could lead one to theorize that the toy is the wholly robotic Overlord who exists post-Masterforce, having traveled from his home universe into the world of this late-run UK/EU/AU/NZ toyline. This is, of course, idle speculation.


The bio and "street cred" factors are the only two things needed when gaining the initiative to hunt for this awesome Godmaster Decepticon General. The fact that he was cunning/ powerful and ruthless sets Overlord apart from the rest of the Decepticon Generals past and present. In my opinion, I would personally have gone and endorsed him as the best of the best. As always, as a note of precautionary advice, look for him if you are still able too, but be warned that this comes at a hefty price tag-- i.e. look above at the ioffer auction!-- He must be pristine, like I mentioned. It is truly one of the most biggest and magnificently / solidly made toy ever to be produced during the last bastion of 1980's super-robots. A mind blowing addition to any hardcore Transformers fan. Period! A+++ 

Overlord : Copyright 1988 Takara co. Japan & Hasbro.

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