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Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Hi there folks! Warm welcome once again to the blog of toy collector extrodinare Adam! Just thought that I would like to now add a new segment to my blog -- one that involves my potential triumphs or utter failure in relation to testing my abilities and capability when putting in strong bids on the Ebay auctions which have captured my desire to win/ obtain certain Transformer/ misc. toys. 
Most recently, the lure of getting my first loose but very mint Generation One combiner for the Autobot team has led me to a gem of a find, whose Ebay bid page shall be incredulously pasted below for the cruel dispositions of the general public! LOL! The beautiful specimen in question was released
 sometime in the year 1987,  but alas, that was also the year that I was a mere 4 year old-- not obviously, in tuned to the pop cultural phenomena that was the original Generation One cartoon series just yet! 


[edit]The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Bert Kramer (English), Yoku Shioya (Japanese)
After Grimlock created the Technobots from parts within Unicron's head, he revealed that they had the ability to combine to form Computron to counter the new Decepticon combiner Abominus. Computron stated that his computation capacity was near infinite, but he lacked the knowledge to use this capacity. Grimlock then transferred his anti-electron-endowed super-intelligence to the combiner via a silly helmet. Abominus tried to crush Computron in a powerful hug, but the Technobot gestalt fought back by vibrating violently, forcing Abominus to disengage into its Terrorcon components, who fled away along with Galvatron and the rest of his minions. Grimlock's New Brain He later had a chance for a rematch with the Decepticon when the Terrorcons were found working with the Quintessons in secret on the terraformed moon of Titan. He again defeated Abominus, this time by triggering a mechanism that the Quintessons had installed into the Terrorcons in order to limit the time they could spend in their combined form. Money Is Everything
Abominus got Computron back when the Technobots were sent to defend Mark Morgan's laboratory. Almost immediately after combining, Abominus declared that "Computron think too much" and blasted him. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1 

COMPUTRON is the combination of the five Autobot Technobots. Typically, thecombiner process dulls the wits of the individual transformers, however, such is not the case for Computron. The Technobots managed to remedy that problem, but in the process, severely lagged Computron's reaction time. Before coming to any decision, Computron must analyze the opinions of every individual Technobot, resulting in his falling behind in battle. In the end, he always makes the correct choice, but more often than not it's too little, too late. 

COMPUTRON is composed of:

* All text not by mua plus pictures, are linked and credited to Botch archive Transformers Ugo, and 


Ive put in my few final bids, and not expected to pay more that what I personally feel the whole lot of toys are worth. Some people have infinite resources, and spend them all in one shot! I am not that kind of person, alas-- I'll just usually bide my time and ride my luck. LOL! The only time that I have managed to win an Ebay auction outright was only on cheaper stuff that had a very low reserve price of $0.99! But I feel good about my prospects for this COMPUTRON, though. Hope it pans out for the better, at least for my sake!  

Transformers G1 COMPUTRON Technobots Combiner Set Lot

Item condition:--
Time left:5d 22h (Aug 23, 201018:39:57 PDT)
Bid history:
Current bid:US $148.50
US $
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(Enter US $151.00 or more)
Shipping:$20.33 USPS First Class Mail International See more services   |  See all shippingdetails
Estimated delivery time varies for items shipped from an international location.
No Returns Accepted
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Other item info

Item number:110574646964
Item location:owosso, United States
Ships to:Worldwide


The individual TECHNOBOTS are rather nicely done and looks great displayed in a team.  All of them represent a limited engineering time bygone and outdated, however,  the combined mode of the final form of COMPUTRON makes up for the lack of articulation and flaws of the individual Technobot toys.  Color combination of oranges, maroons and whites and a dash of  brown really make this G1 Gestalt a sight to behold.  Get him while you are able to from an online source. Most of the Gen 1 combiners are still available albeit they are getting increasingly limited and rare, especially if you are a completest and an Mint In box collector. Also to note that you must ask the potential seller if your toys come with the pletheora of guns ans accessories necessary to combine all the 5 bots into the huge super-warrior.   Highly recommended, if not steep! A++++++++!!!

COMPUTRON/  Computicon (コンピューティコン) : Copyright Hasbro and Takara Co. Japan 1987

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