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Saturday, September 4, 2010


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A very warm welcome to another 'hap-hazardous' published post
 for the first week of September 2010!  This is Adam here writing to my fellow readers out there! Thanks sincerely for taking time off and visiting my blog! Today's exciting news has to coincide with yet another exclusive Japan only release of the previously noted and imminent last few churning out from the ever popular (some Transfans would agree to disagree! LOL!) -- Transformers Animated line of toys, which despite ending it's syndicated USA Cartoon Network run sometime last year, still manages to keep things interesting and fresh in the collecting line. IMHO, the more the better, Id say! 


"Once again, Takara is cashing in on the Transformers Animated fans that have waiting on Hasbro to finish the Animated toy line. The newest figure to be released by Takara Tomy will be Wingblade Optimus Prime, a Voyager class figure representing Optimus Prime in the Transformers Animated cartoon finale. He wields a jet pack and the hammer of Ultra Magnus. Courtesy of Tekmen of TFW2005 who was at the International Tokyo Toy Show - check out Wingblade Optimus Prime below! " 

Lets face the 'facts', shall we? The Japanese toy makers really know what it takes to make most of us rabid 'rational' toy collectors craving to spend our hard earned cash on those mainly plastic transforming addictions. Not only are they boxed and packaged in a very 'collector' friendly --loose term-- manner, but in addition, those toys have even more spiffy and neat finishing to the paint applications. For the uninitiated, when Takaratomy took charge of revamping the Animated toy line, the crafty (god bless!!) and kind-hearted folks decide to up the ante by repainting the toys with the now customary ' glossy metallic paint'-- thus accentuating the overall feel and quality of the individual toys. Some collectors are not too keen on the extra mile that Japanese makers painstakingly goes through to make the toy more marketable, while i'm very sure the majority of us who are more inclined to accept and embrace the uniqueness. Oh well more gained than loss for us! 

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Granted, some of us out there have been rather happy peeved  (well, not me that is!) that there is a sudden 'infiltration', if you will-- of a large number of Japan-only toy exclusives being released in the past couple of years alone only. The Optimus Prime character in the Japanese Animated line has not yet achieved his "Jet-Blade" aka Power-Up mode as yet on the show, but already Takaratomy has called dibs by planning to release a very beautiful, if not rather commonly rehashed Prime mould to be ready for world-wide roll-out and distribution by the end of Sept 2010. That's only a couple of weeks away, and the online Transformers community has been singing nothing but positive praises for this particular special release. The backpack can be separated and  the additional parts can be snapped on the Voyager Prime figure to give it an overall anime-accurate look and feel. It somehow resembles- albeit vaguely-- a really neat homage of sorts to a special character from the past series-- the one and only God Ginrai! Bonus points for the makers, too-- in that they made it an attractive fun-play value to the figure. Simple yet ingenious! 


Today's Date: Saturday, 04 September 2010
You are here: Home arrow Pre-Orders arrow Transformers arrow TF Animated TA-38 Wing Blade Optimus Prime Pre-Order
Pre-Orders arrow Transformers arrow TF Animated TA-38 Wing Blade Optimus Prime Pre-Order 

TF Animated TA-38 Wing Blade Optimus Prime Pre-Order
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TF Animated TA-38 Wing Blade Optimus Prime Pre-Order

( Takara Tomy ) 
Price: $47.60 
You Save: 18.00%

Order Now Saves 18%
Serial: C8899
Released:est Sep 2010
Size: x  x  mm
Overview:From Transformers Animated, this is the Takara Tomy version, TA-38 Wing Blade Optimus Prime by Takara Tomy. Condition: Toy C-10.0 Box C-9.0 factory sealed. Actual item might be different from picture presented - according to Takara Tomy.
Pre-order releasing in Sep 2010. No ordering deadline specified. 1/5 item cost is required as deposit.



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Just placed a preliminary 'pre-order' with  HK -Japanese specialty website and I cant say that I have any regrets! All I have to do is be patient till it reaches my dirty little hands! LOL! 


The additional booster-back pack is a wonderful homage and makes a heck of a display on any collector's shelve. Since this Wingblade Prime is going for the cheap/ although it is being touted as a common release, somehow I feel that personally, since the release will be Japan-only, not to mention in clear plastic ' crystal' as well, the scaplers might end up having a field day of sorts by jacking up the initial release sales price. I for one will not be foolish enough to stick around for that to eventually happen! Mark my words! Get is while the hype is still manageable or else you will have to pay through your teeth sometime in  the next couple of months! Highly recommended! A+

Wingblade Optimus Prime copyright 2009/2010 Hasbro Inc And Takaratomy Co. 

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