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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi there, once again to all those followers world-wide! This is another short blog-post by yours truly, Adam aka Wing Saber X! Today's another start of yet a very long weekend break, mainly due to it being a national holiday. This is another non-Transformers post, mainly because there are other more intriguing mecha designs out there which are not only unconventional but rather obscure to say the least. I will be focusing yet again (aside from the Virtua On post) on specific Mecha designs which have made it to plastic toy form by virtue of being yet another gaming fad-type of merchandising. As usual, the highly specialized sculptors at the renowned  Kotobukiya Japan design hobby are responsible for most of the more unconventional Super-Robots/ mecha which adorns every of the Otaku's four walls in Japan. LOL. 

VIRTUA 0N 2.0?!

Well, folks, the guys at SEGA Ent. Japan sure have the expertise and know how to design really really sleek and futuristic Mecha designs, don't they?! I'm sure that some of you guys are pretty much aware that SEGA has been for awhile now,  started focusing on more lucrative tie-in's in the next gen Japanese hobby and anime entertainment scene, and the development of the Border Break Robot Wars Series looks set  to not slow down anytime soon. I applaud SEGA's efforts to keep ol' school gaming and Arcade traditions alive and kicking into the next phase. 

Border Break
Border Break game logo
Developer(s)Sega AM2
Release date(s)
  • JP September 9, 2009
Arcade systemSega RingEdge

Border Break: Sega Network Robot Wars (ボーダーブレイク Bōdā Bureiku?), is an action arcade game developed by Sega. It is the first title to run on Sega's new RingEdge arcade board and it was released on September 9, 2009.




Screenshot of gameplay in Border Break
The game premise basically focuses on robot battle through network connectivity between arcade cabinets. Two teams of ten robots will battle it out across different landscapes, which include cities, towns, and facilities. In each map, each team's goal is to destroy the opposing team's energy reactor core in order to win the match. Both cores are marked in blue and red respectively. At the end of each match, Class Points will be given to the player to level up their current rank.
The class point also affects the rank of the player. Generally, players who have just started the game will start playing in a series of cooperative battles against a computer-controlled "bots" team. The player will start facing actual opponents once when he / she has attained the rank of D4.

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As a fan of off-beat and dynamic plastic kit mecha models, there is undoubtedly the 'thrill' and satisfaction that the most discerning and patient of those pro-hobbyist out there that would really get a kick out of completing one of these really intricate but tough to assemble plastic kit.  Iv'e never honestly and personally have any prior experience in fixing up any of those kick-ass plastic kits made by the designers at Kotubukiya. From the looks of the intricate and varied parts, this looks to be a very challenging if not potentially 'hair-pulling', not to mention a fist pounding experience. In other words, you are required I presume to have a very decent level of model kit fixing and assembly/ painting skills...

^All pics / text for  Border Break Airburst Saver Opening Movie Color Plastic Kit[Kotobukiya] credited and linked to Amiami Japan English wepage!

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Product Name

Border Break Airburst Saver Opening Movie Color Plastic Kit [Kotobukiya]

Item CodeTOY-RBT-1259
Original TitleBorder Break
SpecificationsPlastic Kit
Size: appx. 150mm (1/35 Scale)
DetailsA new great kit from the Border Break series! Based on the Kotobukiya original Cross Frame system, this kit features great poseability and amazing accessories!
Suggested Retail Price 3,500 yen
Our Price2,530yen   26 %off!


This is an obvious Samurai-type and mealee inspired mecha type or as the classes describe as below:-
  • Assault: This is the basic frontline soldier class, and each Assault Blast Runner can use automatic weapons like assault rifles and submachine guns. They can throw grenades, and also use a sword or spear to attack their opponents. A Blast Runner in this class equips an assault charger for high speed charges but in a short time. This class is best used from close to medium range.
for me, the overall design is dome on purpose to reflect the ninja-stealth warrior. A hint of green neon paint really helps complete all the 'Virtual' Tron', and arcade type of mecha design. The cool part is as always, the host of armaments and extra parts that come with the whole plastic kit package. This guy not only comes with a very kickass and long sword, but he has two huge guns as well as an added measure to destroy all unfortunate enemies that dare cross his path! The bottom line is, would I buy this, just for a chance of owning a 'token' and obscure Japan-only type of mecha design? Head design is pretty interesting too, playing on the part that the helmet is very stylish and Samurai inspired. I would, but please please say that either Bandai or some other excellent hobby maker make his into a fully fledged and 
non- DIY type of release in the near future!!! B+

Copyright Sega Ent. Japan 2009/ Kotubukiya 2010

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