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Saturday, December 25, 2010

special christmas review

hi guys marry christmas at all, especially our frend wing to witch i will devote this mega review.

Diaclone Dinobots


Hello guys today I want to present this review with my Diaclone preferred one or the tyrannosaurus dinosaur robot (called Grimlock in year 84 with the release of the Transformers G1 series and the union of the firm Hasbro Takara company) ... but this is another story ...
This series of Diaclone was born in the 80 'and was immediately a success so that the company was immediately addocchiata Hasbro (U.S.). At first it was this series produced exclusively for the Asian market, in Italy and was imported from the Gig ....
The Japanese versions will recognize the box and missiles pointed, while versions Gig have missiles with a rubber tip.
Of this robot there are two versions, one with pants that are blue, golden chest and legs, and one that came to me for a mistake when he joined the company Takara Hasbro, which is a canned Diaclone g1, and is recognized by the model g1 only the writing that represents only the written Takara Takara and Hasbro ...


the box is 13.5 cm high, 23 cm long and about 9 cm deep.
Inside is the polystyrene, the tyrannosaurus, a diana green and black, two wheeled rockets, rocket launcher, sword and gun, a catalog, with instructions and a package of stickers.
In the front is shown in the t rex robot version, and below it the mark followed by the brand Takara gig, on the left is the cabinet where you see the T rex in polystyrene, and there is a low figure representing Diana.
At the top there is a picture of the Tyrannosaurus in both its beautiful forms in a black background.
On the back there are all the characters depicted in the series of robot dinosaurs in the lower left is the processing and in the upper left are photos of tricex Tyranno and in a Jurassic world.
While on the left side is represented (Grimlock) version of the robot description of his powerful arms, and on the right side there are pictures that depict it in robot version and Tyranno.


the model version Tyranno is high about 12 cm from the mouth and the tail about 18 cm, while width is 7 cm ...
The main color is gray, his eyes red, are present inside the neck of the mechanical details of bream, the tail is silver plated as well as the "arms" the belly in the first version is golden as well as the tips of the legs .
The LAYING concerns only the legs but the stability is excellent.


the transformation is simple, first you pull back the head of the Tyranno and widen the two sides with the "arms" and discovered the head of the robot.
Then you pull out the golden basin and it prorta up to form the robot's chest, widening the end of the tail, and pull down the back part of the robot's legs forming enlarging the joint with this under my belt blue robot, the last you roll back the ends of the legs of the robot discovering his hands, and here is our (Grimlock).


the robot is about 14cm tall and the widest part is less than 11 cm.
In robot mode LAYING confined to the arms, and stability is excellent, the color scheme does not change much, apart from the black parts of the robot's legs, you see the blue pants, and black and the head of the robot with red eyes.


We must unfortunately say that it is difficult to find a loose well kept, if it is played has some hook broke, and the legs / arms of the model are often very soft, I can consider myself very lucky because I have in my legs / arms rigid and beautiful the beautiful chrome and chrome are also a problem with this model because they are often very worn.
These models are truly incredible memories for me, I also found the old photos of when I was about 3 or 4 years with the box his first version of a Tyranno robot hand, was a native and I have other photos that depict me with my poor grandparents while I was perhaps just the fly (Grimlock).
My first t rex gave it to me which I thank him very much marchino dedicating this review, you made me really excited ridandomi lost memories ...


Hello everyone, this time I will announce the latest Diaclone Dinobots I own, which is the number 2 Triceratops.
I know that this model there are several versions, I own the classic blue chest, then there exists a red-breasted silver horns, and a like g1, but with only the brand Takara.

Description box:

The box is about 13.5 cm high, about 23 cm long and about 9 cm deep.
The structure of the graphics are the same as that of other Diaclone Dinobots.
Inside the box there, right down to the Diana Ross with the silver chest at the bottom, chrome sword, bottom left sheet of stickers, and instructions behind the tail of the elephant, we find the gun chrome top right corner, wheeled missile, and a little more left chrome launcher blue and white.

Description of model:

The model is about 18 cm long and is 7 cm wide GIRC enjoys a very good stability due al'appoggio of all 4 feet, the gym is limited to 4 feet, mouth and horns that can rotate.
The main color is gray, but the chrome stand out a lot of horns, "ridge", back, and inside the clear plastic mouth and tail.


The transformation is very simple, but you have to do it with care so as not to damage the model.
First you pull in behind the tail, and with great care you pull back the top of the back of the dinosaur which forms the legs of the robot, and you put the legs of the dinosaur in their housing, and open the side of pachyderm, which opens in two forms of the species rely on the wings and tail previously pulled back, taking out his fists in front of the robot-legged triceratops, and then lowers his mouth, to show the robot head.

Description robot mode:

the robot is about 12 cm high, and is off about 8, the color scheme changes, the gray is always present, but the blue of the robot's chest, fists and head stand out so much, and even white and red legs Chrome do their part.

Personal considerations:

The Triceratops is one of my favorite Dinobots, and robot mode is great but how triceratops is really superb, I like chrome horns much more than the color g1 ...


hello guys, today we present another beautiful dinosaur Diaclone, another piece of my jurassic park staff number 3 brontosaurus.

Description box:

the box of this beautiful specimen has the same characteristics as other Diaclone Dinobots, is 22cm wide and a half, is 13.5 cm high and is about 9 cm deep.
the graphics are the same as the other boxes, or personaggioè obviously different, we say that meets the same characteristics, drawn character logo on the right with GIG and Takara, the center cabinet to the left that shows the model inside the box on the back all the characters in the series, on the right side is an example of transformation on the left hand there is the description of the model.

opening the box we find in addition to the robot, the wheeled missile down the left, the istruioni slip of paper and stickers below, just above the golden sword, the rifle in the top right or left on the rocket launcher, and the Diana, with the red arts blacks in the upper left.

Description of model:

starting from the description in alt mode, the Brontosaurus and length 21 cm, its width is about 6.5 cm. the color scheme is very similar to that of the other Dinobots, the main color is gray, which immediately catch the eye, the details of the gold plated head, back, chrome, chrome and tail it too.
By turning the model on the other hand you see the writing Takara, and unfortunately we can also see the fists of the robot, legs locked in front.
Established in the alt mode is obviously fantastic, as it rests on four legs than the tail, but are limited to gimmic soa mouth that opens and closes.


the transformation of this model is really simple, but it needs some tricks to not ruin the model.
First open the tail and lowered the head of the dinosaur, we put the legs of Bronto in their own apartments and are pulled in behind the foot that form the back of the Brontosaurus, enlarging the basin.
Once this part is the hardest part is turning the upper basin, pull out the fists of the robot, and very carefully open the two doors that hide the robot's chest, I personally throw up their arms and pull back the two sides.

Description of the robot:

the robot is about 14cm tall and about 7 cm wide, has a good stability through the foot very generous, the gimmic is special compared to the other Dinobots, because you can rotate the pelvis.
The color scheme is very similar to Halt mode, change only the addition of black hands and pelvis, chest and red which stands out like never before, with the cab in the middle of its diana.


hello guys, this time I present to you the number of 4 'armed Dinobots, the Stegosaurus Diaclone "black breast, right because there are two versions of the Stego, a black breast (which I own), and the normal breast, which is the red as the g1.

Description box:

The box has the same pattern as other boxes Dinorobot Diaclone, is about 23 cm wide, about 9 cm deep.
trovaiamo addition to opening the box model, missiles, wheeled, instructions, and package stickers down the fucilone black, top right, just above Spadona instead there is a gray, while the upper left are the diana blue and silver body with a rocket launcher.

Description of model:

the model is about 14 cm long and about 7 cm wide, stability in alt mode is great thanks to the 'support of the four paws and tail, while the gimmic leaves much to be desired, is limited to only 4 limbs.
The main color is gray, has scales, legs and feet in front of the hind legs and tail plated with gold, while it is much emphasis on the "bottom" of the black model.


The transformation is simple, first of all, you put your legs in front in their housing, then pulling the pelvis forward and widens the prehistoric animal's head, turn your pelvis and you hang up, while opening the tail of Stego, and you pull your head out of the robot, the golden scales back.
Finally, take out your fists in the arms of the robot, and you're done.

Description model in robot mode:

The robot is high about 12 cm wide and about 7 cm, the color scheme does not change much, only to be black and his chest in his fists and the basin of the robot, the stability is good, thanks to his feet wide The gym is limited only to the arms.

Pteranodon Diaclone Swoop

This time my dear, we present the transformeriani Diaclone swoop. ;)

Description box:

This beautiful box Swarp (Japanese name which is called the swoop g1 Jappo) is about 23 centimeters long, about 13 cm high and a half deep and about 5 cm. The graphics are really beautiful this box on the left side is depicted in the Swoop robot version, and in the middle is a beautiful display case that shows this beautiful pterodaptilo robot, which seems to rise in a prehistoric jungle.
In the bottom right is the mark takara, and right there with the number 5 written many Japanese, who believe they are the name and number (robo dinosaur).
The back is portrayed as the other Diaclone gig that I have, except of course written in Japanese XD, represented on the right are members of the Dinosaur robot series, in the upper left corner in the world are represented in the Jurassic and is represented in three vignettes the transformation of the Swoop.
Opening the box we find the styrofoam with the Swoop in center, left the golden sword, bottom left, the two missile launchers on the right under the wing there is a bag with Diana, the golden three missiles, the package of stickers, (mine unfortunately attacked them: () and instructions.

Description of model:

Pulling out the model I had a great feeling, and driven by my curiosity I am going to compare it with my g1 swoop that I have, in pterodaptilo mode, the Diaclone has pointed beak, the beak while the G1 has a rounded body Diaclone this is below the blue and the beak is golden like the legs (which hide the real wheels, while the wheels are fake XD g1) and the beak, chest and legs (with wheels fake asd), red also change the back of the head, that of the Diaclone darker still.
Well the important thing is the brand takara on the right wing instead of the g1 takara hasbro.

the transformation is very simple to do but with caution, is equal to that of model G1.
We start by pulling down the legs, behind the back of pterodaptilo, and are pulled in behind the wings to close them behind their backs, they will roll out the robot arm and the chest expands to accommodate the bill, that pulling turns down the head of the robot.
Here also some differences, we start immediately from the head of the robot, which is blue with gray chin, while the g1 chin is black with gray, otherwise the differences are that the Diaclone has a blue chest, as in the cartoon and the g1 has red, red and knees, while the Diaclone has browned.

Personal considerations:

is a model that can not miss a fan of the Dinobots is really nice, I especially like the way pterodaptilo, beak pointed, the colors less sgargiantisono really beautiful and I loved, even the beauty of chrome than the red I am liked a lot.
Pity it is not even released in version gig
also find Diana in the bag surprised me a bit in the other case also had housing ......
another and final point is that I think is not so much rare as they say, just put away a little bit of pennies and we'll take it, is quite expensive, but worth it really.

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