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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello people to another random blogpost from yours truly, WSX. Really do apologise for my slacking off and not diligently posting on my blog for the past couple of weeks. Been busy with life, so to speak! This post is a pretty short one, as I do not know much about the mecha in question. All I do know is that the design is a shining example of the sleek and technically beautiful stream-lined version of Mecha this side of Japan-- where else but the mecca of Giant humanoid robots and mechanical beings?! This, ladies and gents is the stunning Super Robot Wars orginal creation : Exbein! The PTX-EX Exbein is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared only in the 2010 anime Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector., in which it replaces the RTX-011L Huckebein MkIII from the games.


At first glance, one would be forgiven to mistaken this particular sleek looking mecha for a Gundam. The mystery is that this is as close as one can get when desiging or conceptulising a
dream' design that closly resembles an all encompasing, all-powerful Gundam mech. The exlanation of this mech is linked and credited to  "The Exbein is part of the Huckebein series of Real Robots, and as such bears a strong resemblance to a Gundam. However unlike the Huckebeins, it lacks the distinctive gold "V-Fin" antenna, and a visor covers the upper part of its face. Its head is otherwise identical to that of the Huckebein MkIII. The Composite ver.Ka figure and lineart of the Exbein reveal that it has a flight pack as well as additional armament not yet seen in the series, most of which is carried over from the Huckebein MkII and MkIII "


AMIAMI is the place once again to get your mecha and toys fix. It comes with a chock-full of weapons and accessories. It looks shar with its blue and white frame. It has a huge Gundam influence. check out the awesome fire-power that this Mech has. All pics credited and linked to Amiami Japan!

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Pilot: Ryoto Hikawa

Weapon Systems:

Beam Sword x2;

A pair of standard handheld beam swords

Fang Slasher;

A large, shuriken-like weapon that is thrown at the opponent, which it strikes multiple times.
Equipped to the Huckebein MkIII in the games.

Chakram Shooter;

A wired beam charm, similar to the R-2's, is fired from a fixed launcher at the opponent.
Equipped to the Huckebein MkII in the games.

Handheld Rifle;

A handheld rifle similar to the Photon Rifle of the PTX-011 Wildschwein

Graviton Rifle;

A powerful arm-mounted rifle. Equipped to the Huckebein MkIII in the games.


A pair of small-bore, shell-firing machine-guns mounted in the Exbein's head

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Product Name

COMPOSITE Ver.Ka Super Robot Wars Exbein [Bandai hobby div.]

Item Code TOY-RBT-1349

Manufacturer Bandai hobby div.

Release Date late Apr-2011

Product Line COMPOSITE Ver.Ka

Original Title Super Robot Wars

Suggested Retail Price 5,800 yen

Our Price 4,210yen 26 %off!


Get it if you are a general lover of all things sleek and cool. It reeks of awesomeness and woudl make an excelletn addition to your Ver. K.A. composite collection of action and posse' of cool Japanese mechas. Get him, and highly reccommended! A+

Super Robot Wars & Exbein is Copyright Banepresto & Bandai Japan Co.

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