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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hi there folks! Really sorry for the lack of updates on my blog. Making up- 'tracks'-ahem for lost time, so today I am proud to feature another cool toy which has yet to arrive, but have already purchased, to be added in my burgeoning collectibles shelve. This was not really an impulse buy per say, but one that has been in the works ever since word came out that TAKARA-Tomy would release a much more superior paint scheme (G1 Flame Deco!) and shiny deep blue- both solid finishes to their Transformers United (@Reveal The Shield / ''RTS'') line-up that is UN-13: Autobot Warrior Tracks, this purchase was a non issue for me. I am not slagging off Hasbro Inc, for their less than inspiring release of the Turbo Tracks incarnation, but we serious collectors are accustomed that anything or most of the time- toys released for the Japanese collectors market always almost tends to be highly sought after. 


''If there’s one thing AUTOBOT TRACKS loves, it’s himself. In his opinion, nothing is quite so fine as the glint of sunlight of his perfectly polished chrome, or the looks humans give his sweet paint job as he rolls by. He’s no coward, but he avoids battle all the same, if only to protect his precious body from getting scuffed or, even worse, dented.''


The folks at Takaratomy have basically chosen to stay rooted to the G1 inspired re-deco for UN-13 Autobot Warrior Tracks. I can safely say that this release is the most definitive release that most fans have been clamoring for. The aesthetic differences are right off the bat- are glaringly obvious. The 'tribal' tattoo-inspired flames for the RTS version of Tracks is pretty messy on the hood. Add to the usage of rub-sign stickers for the Autobot symbol on his roof/ robot chest, and it makes the toy look rather dull-- But obviously, Hasbro's niche market caters for the casual collectors and their numero uno target audience: KIDS.  
I can understand fully the reasoning behind the much more generic releases, as to maximize their distribution and sales scope.  


Getting stuff from HK-based toy company and distributer, Robotkingdom is pretty hassle free and convenient in terms of reasonable shipping cost. I recommend buying from them if you wish to complete the collection gap of your beloved Transformers figures.  The fact that they are based in Hong Kong makes it the more better to receive your stuff and shipment is pretty safe and accurate. 


For collectors who don't mind paying the extra USD $12 or so to get a much more accurate and shiny representation of the Tracks mould. It's even got the bonus and very dubious but highly G1-centric 'flying-car' mode. Awesome. Highly recommended! 

Tracks and Transformers Copyright Takara & Hasbro 

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