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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hey there, ppls! Just a quick blog post on my first published article which was featured in the local Newspaper The Star Clove Man section, dated (Sunday)- 7th November 2010. Had actually wrote this particular article sometime ago-- last August to be exact,  and the kind editor of said section had agreed to accept my piece to be featured under the title: "More Than Meets The Eye!" A fitting title to celebrate my unabashed passion about writing and blogging about the uber collectors' series of plastic toys known as Transformers. Sure, the article is by no means  perfect, but IMHO, it sums up the overall gist of thoughts and emotions when talking passionately for my collection and how it generally brings a sense of accomplishment and pride.  I gotta admit that, writing your ''virgin'' article for any form of  printed media can be a rather soothing process, or in my case, a creative outlet of sorts. From the deep recesses of my mind, the ideas and natural flow stems from  the set of wonderful memories I had as a child growing up with utter bliss and a boat-load of toys!  There was loads of imaginative and a good creative outlet when playing as a kid with some of the Transformers toys I had. Ahh, good times!!

As one grows older, sometimes they loose their zest and passion for the simple things and  pleasures in their adult lives.  Id like to end this blog post by paraphrasing a line of thought from the article:- " At the end of the day, seeing these highly sought-after collectibles have a rather calming effect on the soul. Bottom line, is you've got the means to pursue your passion which brings happiness, and then by all means go for it!" 

^Article Copyright 2010 Adam Teo. All rights Reserved!

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