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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dinoking, one of my favourite monsters

Japanese Dinoking D 328 giftset

hello to all, with these book reviews I would want speack of one of the giftset rarer (to find puttinges) of my collection well. The Dinoking is combiner of the Victory series (a continuation of the series g1) and usci in 1989.

The members of the Dinoking are:

Goryu D 322 is tyrannosaur a green mechanic
Kakuryu D 324 is triceratop a green mechanic
Gayryu D 323 is anchilosauro a mechanic brown
Yokuryu D 326 is pterodaptilo a mechanic brown
Rairyu D 327 is brontosaur a mechanic gray
Doryu D 325 is stegosaur a green mechanic

This magnificent one combiner is a pretenders; that is: those which I have said to you before they were only the “skins” the true robots that form this combiner, we say that the robots that they compose this gestalt can enter in these shells, obviously everyone has its and they are not interchanging. In the animated cardboard they obviously make part of the square of the Decepticon commant from the great Deszaras, are despicable personages much, but at the same time they make me to laugh so mutch when they fight because son rather clumsy, and often are found in the troubles. In the television series only head (Goryu) is outside from its shell and always commands the others dall' high of its tyrannosaur.
The transformation is much beautiful and fascinating one like of the rest nearly all those of the personages of the series, and is designed the much largest one than what then it is the toy.
An other detail that it appeals to me so mutch is that this combiner is formed from 6 members and they do not give 5 as we are accustomed to see in more than this beautifulst one gestalt a repaint exists, than it is called monstructor, the much easiest one to reperire but with the different shells that represent monster.
The Monstructor has always exited in 1989 but in America. The Monstructor has exited alone in blister, while the Dinoking has exited in the giftset and also in box them single and is (cassettes allowing) more the little ones combiner of the series transformers.

Description of the box it:

the box it is high approximately 30 cm, long approximately 42cm and deep approximately 7,5 cm. The box it of the giftset is much difficult one to find put well because to the place that to have the polystyrene has a plastic white woman much light one to which a enough strach in order to make it to become a real chasm, other thing important to emphasize is that without the appropriate cardboard supports situated around the plastic and in means also the external cardboard spancia till to break off itself.
Box art and the design of the box it is truly beautiful, on the right c' it is the design of the combiner with under the dinos, while on the left c' it is the showcase that toy puts in beautiful extension the 6 dinosaurs.
Along the walls of the box it there are several photos and designs that picture combiner and the several personages of the series. Behind instead besides the characteristics c' it is a beautiful design of a battle, the illustrative photo of like mounts combiner and a photo with all the personages who form the gestalt. All' inside of the box we find it the dinosaurs on the right (protect from a trasperent plastic sheet that serves not to make them to blink against the wall of the box it) on the left the 6 personages in robots mode, while on the back of the plastic that ago they give poly are inserted the members for the transformation in dinoking and a little cartel of plastic with within instructions, adhesive and of the catalog.

Description of the model:

I would not want to describe with this book review all and the 6 personages because the giftset it is a homage to the combiner and I would risk to make to pass it in flat second, as I always say the giftset is l' essence of the combiner. Personages I will less by hand describe the single them under this book review that them purchase. Therefore delivery sbito with the assembly:

The Dinoking, is formed from 6 members to expect: Goryu D 322 Kakuryu D 324 Gayryu D 323 Yokuryu D 326 Rairyu D 327 Doryu D 325 but I have already said to you .....

The little one gestalt form removing themselves “inner” the robots the relative skins to expect, transforming them; with the others gadget, they form the Dinoking.
D 327: they remove the gun and l' coupling of the legs of the Dinoking from the posterior part of the monster, then is removed the inner robot from the skin and fits within to the future river basin of the gestalt.
D324: they detach the gun and the head from the posterior part, is pulled outside l' inner robot, is opened in two from the chest and it is gone to embed D 327, prepared before, in the space that is created; the head of the robot is attacked then.
D 323: like in the procedure before, the fist is detached and it is pulled outside l' inner, the fist of the gestalt fits in the middle of its legs and it is attacked in the skillful part of the piece centers mounted before them already.
D326: the fist is removed from the back of the monster and l' inner, left is transformed in arm, following the same procedure of the right, arriving to the half of the procedure…
D322: one removes the posterior piece, the foot and l' inner robots, down pull the legs and behind the shoulders dell' inner and at last the foot is attacked; become leg now, it is attacked to the river basin.
D325: it is removed inner and foot, is transformed l' inner robot in leg with the same procedure before and is coupled to the river basin. Now the game is made: ours combiner it is ready. L' last thing to make is to put its gun, voilà ET: the Dinoking is complete.

The Dinoking is not much large and task that is gestalt the more little one, only measuring thirteen centimeters of height; it is however much beautiful one. A particularitity that it appeals to me very many in this model: the crews and the external skins inner the robots can be exposed together, without to run the risk of being able to lose them. A little happy of the past, that it gives indescrivible satisfactions in the present.

My robot is closed sealed and never used therefore I have preferred to use the Monstructor (its recolor American) for being able to you to describe it.

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