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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hi guys! It's me again, Wing_Saber-X! Sorry for slacking off lately in updating my blog. Loads of awesome news in terms of Transformers releases lately that I can't even catch my breath! Well, to be perfectly honest I don't know where to start! It's all so overwhelming to say the least. All I can say is that some of the newer confirmed releases have gotten my head in a spin-- all giddy and light-headed- sort of like someone with a bad hangover....To all one true, hard core Transformers Generation one fans out there, you may already know that Encore # 23 is something special and one which was rumored - - the first inkling of a possible 'release't which as initially made out to be a hoax- by none other than uber G1 collector extraordinaire Heroic Decepticon- sometime back in April 2012, turned out to have been right on the money after all. So, does this mean this imminent release has been in the works for sometime?! Yes folks, I'm talking about the one and only Fortress Maximus

Now in terms of how a big a deal this sudden but not shocking surprise release will affect the 'collector' market value for the original remains to be seen. One thing's for certain, I will put in a pre-order for this bad-boy as soon as my regular shop here where I'm at puts in an official order form. It's the second time that an out and out Fortress Maximus toy release has been announced within the span of a couple of month of this year alone, with the other being the Kabaya Gum version. Prices will vary depending on when you decide to buy the humongous toy. Some sites are reporting an early February 2013 release- i.e. via Hong-Kong based online toys company, Robotkingdom-  with a suggested retail price of only $299 USD, or wait till it reaches US shores via for $350- $400? Personally, I wont want to be the person paying the hefty shipping price for that giant toy.... and will be getting this locally, natch. :D But the problem will obviously be the issue of where the toy will be stored one I receive it...... :/

Okay so many of you who did't grow up with the original Transformers Generation One series might second guess or even question what the appeal of this huge chunk of giant plastic brick of a toy can possibly hold? Well, firstly it's a huge 2-meter robot which has three modes of pretty damn versatile modes of transformations. Add to the fact that during the 80's this was one of the most desired thing in the whole universe in the bleary eyes of then Saturday morning-cartoon addicted   kids who grew up watching Transformers, just adds a level of desire and appeal to want to own this important piece of Transformers  toy lore. I am personally glad to be finally be able to be one of the 'regular' - lol- vintage collector - to own my very own Fortress Maximus after so longingly desiring this from afar. Bottom line, just go out and get this bad boy or you might regret it and kick yourself later!

Fortress Maximus, Transformers Headmasters and Encore Copyright Takaratomy 1988, 2012

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