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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hi peoples! Just a quick and exciting update which I'd thought I'd share with you guys. Recently announced and released ACTUAL, in-hand retail pictures from Takaratomy's  Transformers Generations:- FALL OF CYBERTRON toy-line which is slated to be the mainstay collector-centric line to get for the 2013

Amazon Japan has graciously posted upcoming versions for Fall of Cybertron Combaticons aka Bruticus, Kickback, Sideswipe, Ultra Magnus, Fireflight, Starscream and Voyager releases of Soundblaster and Soundwave with 'Buzzsaw' and 'Lazerbeak' 'Cybertronian Discs'. 

Hand on heart, and gotta admit that these are indeed exciting times to be a Transformers aficionado, and Takaratomy has delivered once again, after taking some flak recently on skimping on the Quality Control of their products, which coincidentally has been in recent times, made in Vietnam- but I digress, and will most likely be picking these much more collector grade versions of their  rather bland and uninspiring Hasbro releases in the near future, which  coincidentally means as soon as these are available through the regular Japan-Hobby online-outlets. All credit must go toward uber-fan site TFW2005 for first posting the news for which inspired me to post this entry in the first place. :D 

Meantime, Pre-orders are up on several sites such as Robotkingdom, etoysjapan and BBTS, just to name afew--to those who are looking to secure their collector-grade toys!

Transformers FOC/ Generations Copyright 2012 Hasbro Inc. & Takaratomy. 

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