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Friday, October 26, 2012

Bandai 1:144 HG Gundam00 66 00 QAN[T] + GN Sword IV Full Saber + Special Decal

Hi folks, just a quick update on my latest mini-project which I am eagerly waiting to get started on!  Picked up the 1/144 scale Gundam QUAN[T] 00 Full Saber model kit recently as a side-project to 'hone' my GUNLPA building skills, or so to speak. The kit itslef - meaning the robot is nothing spectacular to look at, to be honest, but once the good folks at Bandai decided to add the GN Sword VI Full Saber to the mix, the 00 Quat  instantly becomes a whole new level of awesome. In addition to the kit, the full set from which I bought off a Hong Kong seller off Ebay also comes with specialized water slide decals for a touch of 'detailing' on an otherwise bland kit. Personally, I absolutely adore the limitless level of customization when utilizing these excellent decals, which can only be a good thing to making your GUNPLA model stand out on your display shelve/ cabinet. 

GN Sword  Full Saber Kit weapon pack for HG Gundam 00 Qan[T]- available separately from Hobby Japan February 2011 edition. 

With he full kit plus additional decals arriving sometime next week, it should be a rather satisfying and fun build, one which I am really looking forward to see it through with maximum commitment and whose end result hopefully will turn out better than I expected.  Stay tuned!

Gundam 00 Copyright Bandai Co. Japan

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