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Monday, November 5, 2012


Sci-Fi Revoltech No 040Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime DX with Jetwing parts and battle axe. The extremely poseable series shows off Prime with the attachments that allow him to fly and cause havok, just like he did to Shockwave's driller in the film. In addition to the aforementioned extras, Prime will also come with a stand, alternate head and hands, and the movie sword. The figure is set for an October 1, 2012 release for 4800 Yen (~$61 USD/ RM200 approx). Check out the awesome gallery from 

● Euipped with a giant wing jet-pack from the Transformers Dark of theMoon film, 
● Co-free recombination jet wing assembly so that through the jointCapital can be. Original equipment of their own preference was inserted into the hole provided in the body figure Can enjoy.

● comes with a large ax at the climax of the film Megatron was defeated, and the bladeReproduce the battle scene in the play in combination● The body of Optimus Prime is in the form thoroughly and form of robot action To pursue, such as the knee can also pause and stand roundhouse kick● design mechanic complex, which is a symbol of Transformers movie version, from the armorPrecisely to look into the internal structure and DesignRevoltech Optimus Prime appeared in the special effects are spectacular volume (left)! Specification of the final battle!From "Transformers / Dark Side Moon" movie, now have a "Optimus Prime" commander of a full-featured version with the volume of the masterpiece!Detail of large wing jet overwhelmingly by the new shape (right), rocket and engine!Rocket parts and engine parts distinctive, large and small wing is completed by an overwhelming Detail by further modeling Kaiyodo! Large wing jet because it is connected by a revolver, it is possible to freely enter and exit.Option comes with the head of the true face of Optimus Prime (left)!Option comes with a head of state to expand the mask does not appear in many scenes, such as conversation in the play. Can reproduce the scene of more head and head usually in exchange for options!Full action figure incorporating the whole body to place 19 revolver  joints!Trying to place 19 systemic challenge, a built-in place all moving revolver, various actions appeared to "Optimus Prime" can be! In the play, in dynamic action poses!Supplied with arms, and defeated the powerful Megatron Axe (left)Comes with "Axe" weapon in Megatron defeated the climax in the play! In combination with a new option enables the hand is posing!Comes with an adapter for the blades on hand is to have for the hand (right)!By replacing the adapter only for joint of blade and hand, can reproduce the state that have to get the blade!Attempt to transform freely in combination with a variety of weapons and parts (left)!Attempt to transform Optimus Prime of any combination of your own, such as wing weapons and be attached to the blade and EX SERIES No.040 Optimus Prime machine gun and be attached to Optimus Prime SERIES No.030! ※ In addition to the options part of the image this product has been used in conjunction with the optional parts of SERIES No.030 Optimus PrimePosing a variety of optional parts color (right)!× 1 large wing jet, Axe × 1, × adapter for each one hand-held blade &, Optional head × 1 (face), optional hand × 4, display base × 1, × 1 nameplateFigure more■ Height: 140mm approx.■ moving place: place all 19■ Number of joint use: 19× 11/6mm joint joint joint 8mm × 4/4mm × 2 /Accessories× 1 large jet wingAxe × 1Adapter for each one hand-held blade & ×Optional head × 1 (face)Optional hands × 4× 1 display baseName plate × 1Original masterYuki OshimaSuggested retail price: 4,800 yen (tax included)

© 2010 Paramount Pictures Corporation.
Manufactured under license from TOMY Company, Ltd.
® and / or TM & © 2011 TOMY. All Rights Reserved 

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