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Friday, September 21, 2012

New Teaser Pic of TF; Prime Voyager Japan-only Unicron mould! OOOhhh..Pointy!

Hi folks, just quick update on an exciting pic posted by none other thann Mr. 'Takaratomy' himself, Yuki-san on his Twitter page. Gaia Unicron in all his evil glory. Glad I have this monstrous destroyer of worlds paid for and pre-ordered. Releasing sometime next month! Cannot wait! 
  • Gaia Unicron (2012)

  • ID number: AM-19
Gaia Unicron is an all new mold which transforms from Unicron's robot mode into Unicron's face inside a volcano. You read that right. He also transforms into a "capture" mode for either Voyager Optimus Prime or Megatron. His Micron partner, Bogu, transforms from what appears to be a robot mole into a pointy claw for him to wield. He features a panel which has one of each of the 3 Arms Micron Power crystals, not unlike Hades' tail.

Gaia Unicron / TF: Prime copyright Takaratomy 2012 . 

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