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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tokyo Toy Show 2012 Exclusive Terrorcon Bumblebee

AM-Terrorcon Bumblebee, the AEON Japan score exclusive arrived last week! Came in a rather 'smallish'-box and compact figure - sharp matte black finish makes the toy awesome!  Translucent purple eyes and headlights and teal arms and legs complete the 'Evil' Bee look. Perfection. Story goes that Bumblebee was corrupted by 'Dark Energon' and thus it was too much for him to bear till his soul became dark and unrepentant! 

Oh hei! Another black/ teal Nemesis/ Terrorcon repaint for me to grab! 

More details and pics here!  and from! 

A recent Twitter pic from Takaratomy! @ TF YUKI! 

Wow. that's a beautiful black repaint. XD 

Transformers Prime Copyright 2012 Takaratomy/ Hasbro 

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