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Sunday, August 19, 2012

TRU Masterpiece Hasbro Optimus Prime spotted in Malaysia!

Hi guys! Recently a couple of days ago, (Last Friday) I decided , as per usual to go toy hunting or this particular  bad-boy. And Guess what?! Talk about luck of the draw! * Went to a major TRU Malaysia branch in KL and found:-* Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime!!!!

He didn't come cheap thou as these were brought in directly from Hasbro Asia Hong Kong and cost the roughly the same in HK$, which was around HKD 1,200 roughly $200! Almost the same price as the Takaratomy MP-10 but in person the blue eyes effect is beautiful! Brings life to the toy! In addition,  at first I was scared off by the price as well...but then I decided that if this is indeed going to be 'a one off' and very limited release of MP-Hasbro Op in Malaysia (they only brought in SIX pieces!) so there and then, I decided to shell out approx RM599.99 for it without hesitation in the end!  

Differences known between this and Takratomy's version are :  richer blue plastic used, the scout 'Roller' is blue instead of silver and the eyes are painted, not to mention the grey plastic used is lighter. It gives the overall look much more accuracy compared to his Japanese counterpart. 

More details and price/ release dates here! Check it out! 

Masterpiece Optimus Prime Copyright Takara and Hasbro Inc 2011/2012

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