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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Botcon 2012 Box Set Art Revealed!

Hey folks! Uber Transformers site TFW2005 just front-paged a very awesome first-hand look at Botcon 2012's box art for the Transformers Timeline : Invasion collectors edition boxed set of 6 homage-centric packed toys. 

Pic linked credited to Collection.Org. 

Brief Description: ''The Transformers Facebook page has updated again today with our first look at the boxart for this years Botcon 2012 boxset! The Invasion boxset will contain Shattered Glass versions of; Ultra Magnus, Soundwave, Tracks and Treadshot with Classics versions of Gigatron and Metalhawk. The boxset is only available to Primus package holders or non-attendee Iacon package holders. ''

The fact that most nostalgic Transformers : Japan continuity fans from the Masterforce series are getting all new ( somewhat mixed feelings) homage of the Destruction Emperor : Overlord and the noble, white-knight Autobot Earth Commander: Pretender Metalhawk, is enough of a good excuse to own the whole set itself. 

Botcon/ Transformers: Timelines / Shattered Glass Copyright 2012 Fun Pub and Hasbro Inc. 

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