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Monday, February 20, 2012

BOTCON DOUBLE-PUNCH! (Botocon 2010 ダブルパンチ Daburu Panchi)

Hi peoples, recently won an auction off Ebay for a Botcon Doublepunch

Arriving in approx 2 weeks time. Great homage to the original, more menacing since it uses the uber sold and intimidating looking Energon Skorponok mould. It's my first Botcon official toy added to my ever growing (selective) collection of Transformers toys. 

  • Double Punch (BotCon 2010 souvenir set)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
Limited to 1500 pieces, Double Punch is a redeco of Energon Scorponok, available exclusively at BotCon 2010 withTurbomaster and Shattered Glass Ravage. Double Punch transforms into a fanciful construction vehicle that resembles a mechanical scorpion, with two articulated bucket scoop arms that resemble pincers, along with an articulated crane arm that resembles a scorpion's stinger. Double Punch can also transform into a hover jet mode. He retains Scorponok's firing missiles and flip-out tail cannons, but lacks electronics. Double Punch is made from the original Energon version of the Scorponok mold, with none of the retooled features of Dark Scorponok.  Where both prior uses of this mold had had a Decepticon spark crystal embedded in one of the claws, Double Punch has a featureless blue dome.

Doublepunch, Botcon, Turbomaster: Copyright Hasbro and FunPub 2010

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