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Sunday, January 29, 2012

1/144 High Grade (HG) RX-0 Unicorn Gundam-02 'BANSHEE > DESTROY MODE<'! Released Jan 2012!

RX-0 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 "Banshee"
Unit Type
Prototype Full-Psyco-Frame Mobile Suit
Model Number
  • RX-0
Developed from
First Seen
0096 U.C.
Known Pilots
General Characteristics
Overall Height
  • 19.7 meters (Unicorn Mode)
  • 21.7 meters (Destroy Mode)
Max Weight
  • 46.7 tons
Standard Weight
  • 23.7 tons (Novel version)
  • 24.0 tons (OVA version)
Sensor Range
  • 22000 meters
Pilot only, cockpit in chest
  • Rocket Thrusters: 142600 kg
    • 2 x 60mm Vulcan Gun (mounted in head)
    • 4 x Beam Saber (2 x mounted on forearms; 2 x stored in backpack, usable in Destroy Mode only)
    • 2 x Beam Vulcan Gun (mounted in shoulders, usable in Destroy Mode only)
Special Equipments and Features
      • I-Field Generator
Optional Equipments
    • Beam Magnum (Novel Version)
    • Shield (Novel Version)
      • I-Field Generator
    • Beam Tonfa
    • Armed Armor BS (OVA, usable in Destroy Mode only)
    • Armed Armor VN (OVA, usable in Destroy Mode only)

It's finally here, Gundam Unicorn fans! The just (Jan 2012) officially released High Grade 1/144 is a more than prelude to the Master Grade version of the 'Banshee' RX-0 Type-2.  Just bought this excellent models kit some days ago and plan on  building some GUNPLA in the next couple of days. 

A brief history on the Banshee: 

Spoiler WarningSpoiler details may follow.
Developed also by Anaheim Electronics, the RX-0-2 Unicorn Gundam "Banshee" is virtually identical to the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam piloted by Banagher Links, except for its color more ornate V-Fin, and the lack of the La+ system.
At Augusta, Banshee is assigned to the captured but brainwashed Marida Cruz. It first launched in Dakar to capture the Unicorn Gundam after it had defeated Shamblo. Later after Zinnerman and Banagher managed to bring back Marida, this unit was recovered by the Federation and assigned to Riddhe Marcenas. During the final battle, Banshee confronts Unicorn again and both activated their NT-D. In the meantime, Nahel Argama fires to cover Banagher and causes Riddhe to think that everyone is betraying him, and thus aroused by anger he fires at the Nahel Argama, but Marida blocked the shot with her damaged Kshatriya.
The explosion of the Kshatriya's psycho frame lets Marida for the last time tell Banagher to forgive Riddhe, and tell Zinnerman that she was glad to meet him. Zinnerman begged her not to leave, but she said it was enough. Riddhe eventually realizes what he should do. Banshee and Unicorn later confront Full Frontal in his damaged Sinanju together, and Banagher killed Frontal. In the final place, together with Unicorn, Banshee activated the psychofield and blocked the laser fired from Colony Laser II. Then Banshee joined to stop the attack from EFSF ultimately before the attack was called off.

Gold and Black Psycho-Frame illumination  will be present on the Master Grade version, which will be incorporated with the material for the model kit. For the High Grade 1/144 version, I am tempted to purchase some luminous paints from online hobby shops. This might take some weeks to arrive, thus this project will be a long but worth-while labor of love. Stay tuned, people!!
For more on the Banshee 1/144 Grade click this link here and here: 

Gundam and Gundam Unicorn/ Banshee Copyright Sotsu sunrise/ Bandai 2011/2012

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