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Thursday, December 1, 2011

D-310 Pretender Destron -Blue Bacchus (ブルーバッカス Burū Bakkasu) Arrived and Added to My Collection!

A shout out and huge appreciation to uber seller and pal Bodhar2000 for hooking me up with this very rare and highly sought after Vintage gem.  Updates! the package containing Blue Bacchus arrived safely a day earlier, 2 Dec 2011! Looks awesome up-close and in hand. 
Newer pics posted below! 

  • Blue Bacchus (Crossformer, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-310
    • Accessories: Crossformer shell, cannon/tail rotor, 2 small lasers, wing assembly, left & right landing gear, 2 thruster pods
Blue Bacchus is a redeco of the Mega Pretender Crossblades, transforming into a Cybertronic "dragster". His outer Crossformer shell's chest/head and waist pieces are retooled from Crossblades's to make it more robotic. The shell can still transform into a Cybertronic helicopter. Blue Bacchus can be stored inside his shell in either of his modes, and his vehicle mode can combine with the shell to form a helicopter with a Cybertronic "dragster" sticking out of its front.

Blue Bacchus (ブルーバッカス Burū Bakkasu) is Black Shadow's villainous partner in crime. Utterly cold-hearted and without mercy, he is an expert gunman with unerring aim and fantastic fast-draw abilities, but he still comes in a distinct second to Black Shadow in fighting ability. Blue Bacchus yearns to be as good as the other Crossformer, and follows him everywhere, hoping that he can learn from him and become just like him. Their partnership has made them infamous throughout space, and there is a massive bounty on their heads.

Blue Bacchus transforms into a helicopter, and can create an anti-gravitational phenomenon by spinning his rotors just so. This "Gravity Attack", as he calls it, can levitate any foes into his clutches.

Thus with the acquisition of Blue Bacchus,  the quest to complete my Transformers Victory collection is almost over, as I only have The Dinoforce aka Dinoking and the Autobot base Galaxy Shuttle to acquire.  It may take some time, but rest assured that it is a a given and highly possible.

Blue Bacchus' Packaging is pretty decent for it's age, and there seems to be little wear and tear, while the toy is immaculate and unused. There is only a minor dent on the front sheet of the box, but it does not hinder the appeal and display of the beautiful art-work and graphics of  the piece any way. Also, the stickers are untouched, making this a really sweet victory- ahem of sorts-  and although this might be the last Vintage for the year,  it certainly will not be consigned to the history books for long. I might be getting something more 'modest'  in terms of pricing and avalibility sometime next month. 

End of the day, just enjoy the hobby for what it's worth.  It's as simple as that. 

Blue Bacchus, Transformers: Victory Copyright 1989 Takara Co. Ltd. 

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