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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


From the First Edition wave of the latest Transformers: Prime CGI series, comes the release of the Deluxe edition of the Autobot muscle-car and all round uber-buddy-co partner : CliffJumper. 

Major Plot Spoiler to those who have not see the animated series

  • Cliffjumper (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) - Transforms into a red Dodge Challenger decorated with bull horns on the hood. He is killed by Starscream in the first episode upon his capture. His body was used in testing Dark Energon in the second episode where it was sliced in half by Megatron. His zombified appearance was found barely alive by Arcee before it was caught in the explosion of one of the Decepticons' hideouts in the same episode. Cliffjumper will only appear in flashbacks from now on according to an interview about the upcoming episodes.[7] Since Cliffjumper will now only appear in flashbacks, Dwayne Johnson might return to voice Cliffjumper in the flashbacks.[8] Cliffjumper has currently appeared in only one flashback, with Johnson not voicing him.

Design wise the toy is a pretty faithful representation of the animation model, and the transformation from muscle car mode to robot mode is not overly complex. Dont know if it;s just mine, but for me however,  the panels somewhat do not line up when transforming him back to his vehicular mode. Overall a decent toy, and he is pretty much in scale with the Voyager Prime and Bulkhead toys which will be released sometime next year.  Detailing wise, not much paint applications, on his car, and a flat red plastic is used, save for the top of the car which becomes his chest piece, which is done is a a darker shade of red. Personally, I would have much preferred the toy to be done evenly  in the darker tone. As for weapons, nothing much going on except that he's got Gatling-gun fists which flip out from his wrists. 

Transformers Wikia has a also linked neat picture of concept art featuring Cliffjumper, and looks somewhat bulkier and built like a wrestler- much like the voice actor (well, we can call it guest voice actor!) which was none other than Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. 

Recommended, only if you are interested in getting and completing your Transformers Prime collection. 

Cliffjumper (Cliff to his chums) isn't your run-of-the-mill Autobot freedom fighter. Armed with six-cylinder ion cannons, a quantum-sensitive multiphase targeting system that would make Megatron jealous, and of course, the old-school technique of pummelingDecepticons with his fists, Cliffjumper prefers to liven up the day with firefights while retrieving enemy intelligence. He more than lives up to his name: He'll fearlessly leap long before he bothers looking!

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