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Monday, December 19, 2011

WINGSABER TOYZ UPCOMING RELEASE: DOTM - Exclusive Dark Nightwatch - DA-15 Jetwing Optimus Prime!

Updates!- New pics.

^Early Christmas Delivery! LOL

Waited patiently for this bad-boy to show up at a local toy-shop some days ago. Managed to get it at  a decent payment! Have to say pretty stoked with my purchase! 

Sorry for the slack in posting, people! Been busy catching up with work and the like. My sincere apologies for not keeping up to date with my blog. Wing-Saber X here with a sneak peek at the already released / soon to be distributed 'Asia' Black Convoy-esque Exclusive Jetwing Leader Class Prime sleek matte black body finish/teal repaint of the Dark Of The Moon mould. The only differences which are obvious is that this release has a lack of 'battle mask' on the head, and has been decked out in chrome foe the jet-pack wings and dual giant Gatling guns/ cannons.  The ever ubiquitous red tinted windows complete the 'Nemesis Prime/ Scourge' look and feel- a label very much associated with exclusive 'black' repaints!-  All that adds to the aesthetically pleasing finish i the mould itself, making it strikingly arresting to the eyes. Also the fact that I have a soft spot for the current Leader Movie  Prime toy - to date I have both the ROTF Crystal and Black Amazon Japan Primes, regular release, plus the Buster Prime Two-pack and DOTM DA-28 Striker Prime (count em- 5 versions!)  This bad-boy is retailing from a minimum of USD$ 190 to USD$ 250!  A 'premium' pricing, but that is the norm for the die-hard collector and Transformer fan nowadays. 

Pictures are linked and credited to Hong Kong online toys company 

Planning on getting this release sometime at year end or early next year as the pre-orders have yet to reach Malaysia where I'm at. Since I missed out on the original -decor Jetwing Prime release, this would be a perfect excuse of sorts to splurge on yet another black redeco exclusive release to add to my burgeoning collection.  Stay tuned as I bring updates on the highly potential purchase, people! Also, those Chrome parts/ and wings are the major selling point for me. And yes, for those asking-- I'm going to make it battle my Striker Prime, LOL!  So bought and only recommended for exclusive repaints enthusiasts. A++!

Nemesis Prime/ Black Convoy and Scourge are Copyright Takaratomy and Hasbro Inc.

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