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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WING SABER TOYZ SPECIAL: D-335 Liokaiser (ライオカイザー Raiokaizā) Giftset (MIB): Arriving Soon!

MIB (Mint In Box) Liokaiser Giftset

Obtained: August 2011


Why this has not been reissued yet, we will never know.
^Combined Gestalt mode of All 6 Brestforce members.  
  • Liocaesar [sic] (Multi-pack, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-335
    • Component members/Accessories: Leozack (Liokaiser head), Drillhorn, Guyhawk, Hellbat, Jallguar (2 missiles), Killbison (2 cannons, combined gun handle)
Released only in Japan, Liokaiser is a unique and highly sought-after combiner. Unlike most other combiners, Liokaiser has almost no "combiner kibble", his feet and hands being built into the component robots. Only his combined-mode head is a separate accessory; even his hand-weapon is assembled from Killbison and Jallguar's extra weapons. However, in this form, the individuals' breastplate-animal partners cannot be stored and must be put aside.
Though his components were all sold as individuals, they were also available in a single Liokaiser box set.
Four of the six components to Liokaiser were used to make the European-exclusive Rescue Force. Unless you are in need of an armless combiner whose head is tiny, you should not attempt to combine them.


Price: **** USD aka Priceless!

Condition: Box= C9.0

Toys: C9.0 with no signs of discoloring and GPS / Gold brittle plastic

Paperworks: Complete with toy brochure / instructions/ Bio card/ stickers applied

Pics credited to TFW2005 member & friend: Khaotika 

Liokaiser/ TF: Victory Copyright 1989 Takara.Co. Japan

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