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Thursday, June 2, 2011

WING SABER TOYZ SNEAK PEEK: D-310 Destron-Cross-Former, Black Shadow! (ブラックシャドー Burakku Shadō): Space Gangster! (宇宙ギャング)!!

Another teaser post! Arriving, hopefully sometime next month! 

Box-Art linked and credited to the awesome

Hailing from somewhere beyond the Milky Way galaxyBlack Shadow (ブラックシャドー Burakku Shadō) is a vile gangster whose skills in robbery, extortion and murder are available to anyone who can meet his price. He is loyal only to the highest bidder; even the Decepticons are loath to work with him that often, as they can never be sure he won't betray them in mid-job if he gets a better offer. In jet mode, he can devastate buildings around him with powerful sonic shockwaves by breaking the sound barrier while flying at low altitudes, a technique he calls his "Sonic Boomer Attack".

His partner in crime is Blue Bacchus, a gunman with a similar personality and moral fiber who looks up to him. The pair's partnership has made them infamous throughout space, and there is a massive bounty on their heads, but Black Shadow would actually kill Blue Bacchus without remorse if the situation demanded it.

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He may not be a mafioso, but he'll still cut off your horse's head.
He may not be a mafioso, but he'll still cut off your horse's head.
  • Black Shadow (Crossformer, 1989)
    • Japanese ID numberD-309
    • Accessories: Crossformer shell, 2 large rifles, small rifle
Black Shadow is a redeco of the Pretender Thunderwing, transforming into a Cybertronic jet. His outer Crossformer shell's chestplate/head piece is retooled from Thunderwing's to make it more robotic. However, it still transforms into a larger Cybertronic jet like the original version. The inner vehicle can be attached underneath the nose of the larger vehicle to create a combined starship mode. All three of his guns can be mounted on his shell's vehicle mode.


Difficult to obtain. And it did cost me a small fortune, especially in the condition which it came. Let's just say that a used stickered piece can fetch up to the region of $700! For hardcore fanatics...who are oblivious to paying crazy amounts of copious

Pic of MISB Blackshadow linked to Gerrutcamero, ebay Seller

Blackshadow/ Transformers Victory Copyright 1989 Takara

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