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Thursday, May 26, 2011

WING SABER TOYZ UPCOMING RELEASE: Tokyo toy Show Exclusive: Transformers United Takara TF United Set (-Limited-) Cybertron Prime & Megatron! Dark Beginnings! 「トランスフォーマー ユナイテッド DSオプティマスプライム サイバトロンモード&DSメガトロン サイバトロンモード」が東京おもちゃショー2011のタカラトミーブースにて数量限定で販売決定!


Hi there people! Just a quick update for all to share! Basically, in conjunction with the imminent release of the new Transformer Live Action Movie that is Dark of the Moon, Takaratomy along with E-hobby Japan has decide to commemorate this momentous event  by releasing the 'Darkside' edition of the War For Cybertron  incarnations of Prime and Megatron. The premise for this is to showcase the 'negative' and or mirror versions of the aforementioned Cybertron Leaders, decked out in two really distinct color pallets. Optimus looks sharp in his 'Nemisis' black and teal scheme with red chest windshield/ while Megatron's combination of flat black and purple gives the Decepticon leader an air of being rather a more shady and deviant figure. 

Release details: Transformers United [Dark Side Optimus Prime VS Dark Side Megatron] Set

       Remark: Tokyo Toy Show 2011 Exclusive

       Estimate Retail Price (shipping included): RM200-RM228 / 5,000 Yen
       Release Date: 20 June ( to be shipped after Tokyo Toy show 2011

This release was first reported on the web-blog of Malaysian toy seller Famitoys sometime as recent as the middle of April 2011, and is available from most online retail stores. Not estimated as to how many of these 2-pack sets will be distributed come the day of the Tokyo Toy Fair 2011, but as usual, these will no doubt be scalped on other online sites in the near future. E-hobby will be taking a limited number of pre-orders especially for their Japan-based customers. Paid a decent sum for this and cannot wait to get it and add these awesome renditions in my collection!   

Pics linked and credited to Takaratomy/ -E-hobby  Japan All rights reserved. 

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