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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey there folks! I do sincerely apologise for slacking off these past few weeks! Just to share something which I have been eager to blog about. Got the individual 1988  Super Ginrai/ Powermaster Prime and God Bomber vintage toys for a good deal from a Netherlands seller off Ebay. Decided that I might as well completer my collection status for these particular two figures, as I already have most if not all the Ginrai mould thus released. 

Not to go into too much detail about the two vintage specimens shown here, except that of the two, God Bomber is infact mint sealed in box (MISB)- something of importance to note is that the front headlights in Bomber's cab-mode is moulded slightly from the 2001 reissue. Again, I absolutely love to discover little nuggets of information when getting to grips with respect to the 'nitty gritty' details of a particular vintage release. This is one of the myriad of reasons why vintage collecting has become somewhat of a passion of mine. The price paid is irrelevant, as the combined satisfaction of owning a particular piece of historical / never to be made again/ one of a kind 80's release really does not get tiresome!

^Stickers used for Super Ginrai, but toy in excellent condition.


Super-God Masterforce

Wait, the Japanese toy has shortened smoke stacks?!
Wait, the Japanese toy has shortened smoke stacks?!
  • Super Ginrai (1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-307
    • Accessories: Godmaster Transtector, 2 Superconductor Rifles, 2 Particle Beam Cannons, Super Ginrai head
Differences between Ginrai and Powermaster Optimus Prime include retractable super-robot fists, a die-cast metal cab with translucent blue plastic windows, shortened smokestacks, a more metallic grey plastic, chrome on the Godmaster Ginrai engine, and silver paint rather than stickers for the small robot's upper legs.

A remolded version of the American Powermaster Optimus Prime figure, Ginrai is a red, blue and grey tractor trailer, only able to transform into robot mode when the small Ginrai human figure is put into engine mode and snapped into place in the truck's grill, unlocking the clasp that holds the legs in place. When the cab is in robot mode, the trailer can become a battle station. Either robot or station can be armed with any of the toy's weapons, including two black "Superconductor Rifles", and two grey double-barrelled "Particle Beam Cannons," (referred to as "Cannon Craft" in "The Battle Begins! The United Earth-Space Troops"), which can be piloted by any small Godmaster figures. Cab and trailer can be merged into "Super Ginrai", whose head is a separate piece, and can go on to combine with the separately sold Godbomber to become God Ginrai.
Text for Ginrai/ God Bomber and Pictures linked to 


[edit]Super-God Masterforce

  • Godbomber (1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-309
    • Accessories: "God Cannon", 2 "Tachyon Missiles"
Godbomber transforms into an armored trailer, comprised of a collection of modular pieces. He does not so much transform as he does break apart—into two arms, two legs, two wings, a chest and a back—and recombine in a different configuration, with the only elements of transformation being his flip-out feet and head. He is armed in both modes with the God Cannon, which can either mount on his shoulder or be held in his fist in robot mode. Godbomber combines with the separately-sold Ginrai to form God Ginrai
This set of molds was used—almost entirely without changes—to make Apex Bomber.

God Ginrai/ Super Ginrai & God Bomber Copyright 1988 Takara Co. Japan

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