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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hey guys, here's another quick "update" blog post to be shared to all my visitors and blog followers! Was browsing the shops at One Utama while out for lunch today. So it just so happened of all places (in one of an Anime Tech outlet's glass display) of loose/early releases -- not a single soul noticed the rare item sitting inconspicuously in truck mode, that I had stumbled rather fortuitously on a C9--condition, loose and uber cool: 2008 Tokyo Toy Fair Exclusive Henkei Crystal Convoy!

Transformers Spotlight "mock-up" courtesy of

The true story of how I chanced upon this exclusive toy actually stared sometime back as early as the beginning of 2009, whereby my keen observation and "Transformer" radar (Heh, heh, I know, it sounds quite pretentious and lame! ;-P)-- led me to one of those local franchise shops which sells tons of Anime DVD/VCD titles, as well as the occasional "loose" and yet to be released Transformer toys. Well, as the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeeded, try and try again! Or in my case, on the first time I inquired about this piece , I was rather promptly told off quite aloofly by the young staff manning the counter, that the Crystal Prime WAS NOT FOR SALE. Hmm, funny I thought, that as far as I was concerned, that ALL things placed in the DISPLAY cabinet WAS rightfully for sale AT ANY PRICE deemed fit for the toys on display.

Furthermore, I was not about to let the opportunity pass me by, but alas, the first attempt in sweet talking and convincing the store "Taikor" or "Big Boss" to part company for such an awesome display piece was futile to say the least.

Now, fast forward to the month of end November 2009, and this time after months of contemplation and armed with a bucket-load of "courage" -- I went in on the offensive again
and tried a "different" approach! Rather firmly but tactfully, I demanded that there were a couple of items of high importance and "interest" (Crystal Prime being one of the two/ the second item in question is also even more uber rare but I wont reveal it just in case there are some curious and hardcore Transformers collectors "circling like a pack of hungry wolves" and go in for the KILL--- LOL!!--(Sorry guys, no offense meant by that! Just looking out for some rare and impassible deals for my own sake and collection!)

This time, I mentioned once again that I would like to actually BUY from their shop FOR REAL! I think, looking back, I had initially sort of "intimidated" the little guy teenager with my disarming tactics. However, upon returning for the second time, I spoke with another youngish person, this time, a girl, and she relented but then agreed to phone her boss once again to inquire about them...! LOL- hmm, I had to give a valid excuse as to why I was the ONLY and probably most over-enthusiastic customer to have ever walked in their premises! After getting the green light, I immediately went over and paid them in cold hard cash-- and consoled myself that the opportunity was there for the taking, and that also Id be able to own a piece of uber classic rarity-- no matter the cost and consequences.


Unfortunately, I wont be doing a mini-review of the figure, but will most definitely consider one in the near future. As of now, I am actually feeling pretty stoked and satisfied that after some minor "haggling"--- and to some degree, brown-nosing and being a pain in the A$$-- I FINALLY managed to get my grubby little hands on this beautiful clear gem of a collection! AWESOME and totally worth the "undisclosed" sum of RM -I plunked down and paid after the owner had set and agreed on a "reasonable" fee!! >:-)

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