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Monday, November 30, 2009


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Item Name : Revoltech Awakening Ver. Eva Test Type-01 New Movie Edition Series No.076
Manufacturer : Kaiyodo
Scale : N/A
Material : PVC , ABS
Producer : Katsuhisa Yamaguchi
Series : Revoltech Yamaguchi Series
Original : Rebuild of Evangelion
Release Date : Now Released (Oct' 09 Tentative)
Regular Price : 2,400 yen (tax included)/ RM 110

Promotional test-shots

Hello once again, good people who visit my blog! Many sincere thanks for keeping up with my updates, no matter how inconsistent my postings are! LOL! Well, I am sure that many of you are wondering about my hiatus -- well, truthfully, I have since returned from a short holiday of sorts to the "City of Angels" of the East: Bangkok-- So, I guess after all that spicy and stomach churning food escapades, and countless hours and money spent on souvenirs, it is rather fitting that on my last night there, I managed to obtain the one item that is synonymous with the word "Angel" -REVOLTECH YAMAGUCHI SERIES NO. 076 - EvANGELion 2.0 Eva Test Type-01 Awakening Ver.

Frantic scouting for toy and hobby shops in Thailand, especially in a so-called modern metropolitan like Bangkok can take a heavy toll both physically and emotionally-- mind you, its definitely not a collector friendly place, as I can personally attest to. Nevertheless, the mini-review will just concentrate on the type of release, poseability, and aesthetics, spare parts and finally playability and value for money.

Beware: I'm Coming to GET you!


The first thing you would notice is the bigger-and spiffy Revoltech box which has the tried and tested "window" view display. This allows you to see the awesome figure, plus its plethora of accessories, which in this case has the standard interchangeable head, hands and of course spare parts and weapons. Kaiyodo has once again borrowed heavily on the current Anime OVA and movie which needs no further introduction to seasoned fans of the Evangelion Series and Franchise, as the EVA unit was featured in the now released 2009 theatrical version Evangelion 2.0 : You Can (Not) Advance / (ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版: 破 Evangerion Shin Gekijōban: Ha. The figure is draped in a flash of bright neon colours, mainly bright purple with a hint of orange and red to finish off. Black accents are used to "break" up the body parts/plates gauntlets/ to make the figure even more bold and gives it a much fiercer look. Well, IMHO... it kinda resembles a sea creature slug or more commonly known as a ..... "Nudibranch". -_- u

Arrgh! My Arm!

Yeah, I dunno, I kinda see the colour scheme and the reason I look towards this analogy--(not to think too deeply into the context--of course)-- is that this colour scheme for the "REAWAKENING EVA-UNIT 01" means that its basically warning its enemies that its a "bad-ass" killing, non-feeling machine-- even though it is piloted by a human being.

Text taken from Wikipedia :

"Among this group can be found the most colorful creatures on earth. In the course of evolution, sea slugs have lost their shell because they have developed other defense mechanisms. Their anatomy may resemble the texture and color of the surrounding plants, allowing them to camouflage (cryptic behavior). Others, as seen especially well on chromodorids, have an intense and bright coloring, which warns that they are distasteful or poisonous (aposematic coloration).

As with most Revoltech figures, they are super-poesable, interchange - bendable and most importantly, sturdy and virtually unbreakable." For me, Personally, the colour scheme works well, in the sense it gives the figure a much more sleeker feel than its original counterpart. It also comes with the"default "Berserker" head sculpt. Big bulging eyes and a "psychotic" gaping mouth-- which opens and closes when moved. Hmm...going "ape-shit" and all nuclear in order to save the world, perhaps? Or maybe he is "possessed" by the "essence" of an evil and malicious "Angel" I cant say for sure if this mimics the final scene in the OVA, but who knows, maybe I just might be tempted to pick up the movie to find out for myself! Also, coupled with the shining/ power-infused (well, at least that's what I think it is!) "right hand/arm"-- it makes for an omnipotent-potent sight to behold. But aside from that, the coolest feature is that the right arm is also detachable, making it look like it had its arm ripped off/ damaged in the heat of battle with one of the "18 Angels" -- the mortal enemies from the series.

The main "accessory" that suits the "Berserker" head is the glowing eyes effect attachment. Ahh, yes, what would a crazed and atomic giant mecha be without its glowing eyes of utter rage --hell bent on total destruction?!

This Revoltech also comes with about 9 pairs-- yes NINE pairs of different hand gestures/ poses. While generous, I would have liked it much better if Kaiyodo had graciously included more that ONE weapon to the armory. Some blades or knifes would be a welcomed bonus. It wouldn't hurt also to include a BFG -- (A BIG F*%$ING) GUN to its arsenal. But beggars cant be choosers, I suppose!


As mentioned, the lone rifle is pretty disappointing, but, together with the additional "default" normal arm it makes up for the lameness of a lack of weapons through Revoltech's signature action poses. This EVA 2.0 Type 01 Ver. also comes with a power plug and "cable" which can be hooked up to its back, plus a clear "Halo" attachment which can be placed behind its neck area.


Essentially, Eva Test 01 Awakening Ver. shares the same sculpt as its original release from the same line. Also to note is that the original neon green and purple colour scheme came with a chock full of weapons. In addition, there seems to be no obvious variation or changes to the "default" EVA 01 head sculpt, pictured on the left. The center "horn" or antenna is still detachable for both models. Also, the similarities can allow for a cool combat diorama, Eva 01 Vs. The Test Ver. Awesome and dynamic pose, don'tcha think?!


As seen by the variety of poses shown, EVA 01 Test Version can show off some of the most "movie accurate", outrageous poses. This, and add to an excellent overall sculpt and also super detailed parts, make this a must get for any fan of the Revoltech Series. Also, if you are into Giant Mecha Anime franchises, especially to those who dig hot chicks (who use skin tight neo-suits and look deadly but sultry while kicking a$$) -- and gigantic monsters beating the living crap and total destruction out of each other and the surrounding landscape around them, then this is worth the addition to your growing collection of Revoltechs.


Well, to be honest, I didn't actually know what I was really buying-- (figure and garish colour and all)-- until I did some research on the internet -- about where and when this series of Revoltechs were released. Was never really into the Evangelion craze, although was briefly introduced to it when I was a teenager... BUT having said that---with most Revoltech stuff, you can be damn 100% sure that the figures churned out is one of high quality and in terms of the unlimited (literally) number of crazy poses and positions for diorama/ photo shoot/ display purposes, count on Kaiyodo to deliver the goods. Thus, I give this awesome model a high scoring 5 / over 5 !

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