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Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 Million Hero Publishing Generations Artfire Revealed!!

SO sorry for slacking off and not updating my blog on a regular basis, guys! Well, just to post a quick update of sorts--Millionhero, the uber-cool Japanese publishing house that has brought us countless TF: Generations styled books, is at it once again, this time by offering another exclusive figure to go with the new release of the latest Generations 2012 Vol. 2 book. 

Yes, folks, the toy in question is none other than another toy and character repaint of G1 Inferno--in the form of a homage of the original Targetmaster Fire Truck  that had a limited run in the original Generation 1 'Manga'  - the one they aptly called Auto-fire or Artfire.  If anyone is unfamiliar with this Targetmaster character, it's probably also due to the fact that aside from being obscure, his toy was the last of the series released sometime in the late 80's. Hence the reason also that he commands ridiculously high prices-- read $3,000 to $4,000!!-- on the secondary market. Talk about crazy prices-eh?! Personally, I wouldn't want to fork out that insane amount of dosh for something as simple and straightforward as an white Inferno body-- with a simple Targetmaster -- but hey, more power to those who can and are willing too. 

Anyway, going back to this exclusive release, It will come bundled with not one but two- Microns / Targetmaster buddies in the form of 'Nightstick' and 'Sparks'-- both a repaint of the Target masters which came with Henkei/Classics Cyclonus and the Powercore Combiner toy- of which I can't really remember top of my head at this point of time... 

This retails-- minus the book and sold separately-- for around USD$ 140- plus shipping- and really- it's not a too bad a price and decent for being a limited run figure. Obviously this is for hard-core completists and those who are more privy or  only collect exclusive campaign or lucky- draw type toys. I've already secured mine, and the tentative release date for the book is sometime this month, but the toy will only hit us collectors at the end of the year?-- what?! sigh oh well...anyway... looking forward to getting it and adding this awesome homage Artfire to my collection!  Stay tuned, folks for more upcoming news / reveals on Artfire as the time passes! 

Transformers United/Artfire Copyright Millionhero/ Takaratomy 2012 

All pics linked and credited to the original source. 

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