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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hiya peoples! Sorry for the slack in updating my blog...oh well, better late than never, right?! Anyway thought Id preview some TF: Prime goodness....starting with the toy commercial campaign to celebrate the new Transformers show .  Oh why couldn't toy commercials over here be as cool  as those from Japan?!

Takaratomy's Transformers Prime commercial, to coincide with the release of the anime series Fight! Robot lifeforms Transformers: Prime which is scheduled to be aired sometime next month, possibly mid April 2012. 

Bought some releases at USD$19 a pop, namely AM-04 Ratchet and AM-06 Skywarp- which has not had confirmation of a possible USA-Hasbro release. To add a sense of 'play-value' to the exclusive Japan only Transformers Prime toys, Takaratomy has decided to include a sleuth of ARMS-MICRON - Robot-to weapon mini cons which can combine and power-up to make more powerful weapons. Although self-assembled, and includes some stickers, it nevertheless makes it more interactive and worth the import prices paid. Cannot wait to get these to add to my collection! 

Transformers Prime and Arms Micro Copyright 2011-Takaratomy Co. Ltd. . 

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