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Friday, March 2, 2012


Hi there, folks! Just sharing some recent Transformers Prime stuff I bought on a whim while waiting some of the more 'heavier' and most anticipated toys (i.e Botcon, a second Vintage C-327 Victory Leo) to arrive soon. These are mini-marvels of the toy engineering world when it comes to the level of accuracy with their on-screen counterparts. FYI these are part of the Prime: Cyberverse Commanders toys for Wave 1. These distribution of figures for this introductory wave consists of four very awesomely made incarnations of Bulkhead, Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream. All four were recently released sometime in the middle of January 2012, and ahve been generally well received by fans all over.

As usual, the whole gimmick or purpose of the Cyberverse line is to be simplistic and fun when we fiddle with the transformations. All four are accurate to their bigger voyager and deluxe versions, and they are great additions despite their being smaller sized.  Personal favorites  of the four would be Bulkhead and Starscream, simply because the both of them have been given quite strong and interesting character development. Some silver sharpie/ hobby metallic paint would do wonders for covering up the translucent weapons that come packaged with the individually carded toys. 

On another note, am seriously thinking of buying the whole Takaratomy versions of the main-line Robots in disguise (RID) Prime toys, as they would be packaged together with Arms Microns/ booster weapons to add more fire-power and playability to the line, as compared to the regular versions of the Hasbro Prime RID which has also hit shelves recently.  IMHO, the Japanese just know how to sell and market their toys and cater to all discerning adult and hard-core collectors.  Granted, they wont be cheap to import over, but worth the price for the bonus weapons alone. Takaratomy will also make an exclusive Japan-only toy of Skywarp, albeit being a repaint of the First Edition Starscream deluxe toy. Overall the colors are much more sharper and made from less duller plastic and that is another plus point for me. 

Final Thoughts:

Cannot say enough positive things about these Prime Cyberverse Commander toys. Simple, intuitive and not to mention cleverly made, I do highly recommend them being added to one's collection. 

Transformers Prime/ Cyberverse Copyright Hasbro/Takaratomy 2012

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