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Friday, September 9, 2011

WING SABER TOYZ UPCOMING RELEASE: TRANSFORMERS MASTERPIECE CONVOY Ver.2 - MP-10- 「MP10コンボイver,2.0」! Anticipated Release for 2011!!

Remake and re-engineered Convoy/ Optimus Prime mould.

Features completely redesigned and streamlined/ G1 Accurate Truck mode

Trailer remade with additional repair bay and additional 'Roller' mini buggy

Additional 'Spike' human figurine which is able to fit any of the previous G1 toys plus this new Convoy

More proportioned Robot Mode/ re-sculpted head/ face

slightly shorter but highly more detailed compared to the 'outdated'  MP-01 model

Est. Retail Price: 22,000 Yen/ USD250! 

Est release date/ End Sept or Early Oct 2011

Personally,  as this was pretty much anticipated for awhile now, MP-01 the original/ default and pretty 'dated' Masterpiece Convoy mould can be consigned to the history books and thrashed. 
Pricey, but bought due to the engineering style and overall aesthetics/ FFS, he IS Optimus Prime after all!  

^Pics linked and credited to Amiami/ Dengeki Hobby Magazine, Japan

copuright 1984/ 2011 Takaratomy All rights Reserved

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