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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Watched it last night after 2 weeks plus of hesitance. After reading all the sub-plots and spoilers*, I wasn't going into the cinema theater with any expectations other than seeing the 'Great'* Sentinel Prime in all his Majestic, robotic glory. Let's just say although he is the integral part of the Dark of the Moon plot, he was full of Gravitas and made his somewhat tragic but lasting presence felt through and through. 

He was a Savior and  dedicated former Supreme Commander of the ancient Autobot battleship, the Ark, whose mission was to escape the warring and destroyed home planet of Cybertron.  Once revived by Optimus Prime using the Great Matrix of Leadership, Sentinel was not the old and mellow former Master and ally the Autobots once knew and trusted with their very existence.  And unbeknownst to all who who thought that Sentinel was a true ally, he was infact a very changed and hubris-filled Autobot warrior. 

I liked the pace of the movie this time, and some of the newer Autobots,  although still somewhat brief, but much better than the previous two films, actually served some purpose and made their presence felt on screen.  'Dino'- the Autobot formerly known as Mirage and 'Q' aka Einstein-bot  aka Wheeljack had been made into very believable and highly human-like characteristics.   Real credit and appreciation must go out to the writers and tech-effects and CGI wizards at ILM once agian who provided their impressive skill to make this one of the best looking Giant F*cking robot wars and battle-royale  spectacle this summer. As to date, DOTM has continued to smash records worrldwide, netting a whopping $600+ million! Talk about awesome!  

After being blown away by the final installment, the question is: Will I watch it again, this time in regular 2-D?
Well, considering that the 3-D spectacle was really a non-event and didn't catch my fancy in terms of it being an visual treat, the next viewing would be certainly be a more immersive experience. in that I will go to the IMAX theater for sure.
 Transformers: Dark of the Moon gets 4 stars out of 5!

Just repainted the Voyager Class Sentinel Prime when I got the toy out of the box, and as usual, the muted plastic colour used for the in-package toy really was a real put off, seeing as how I always like my toys looking like , well, collectibles instead.  Got out the Silver/ Metallic Red / gold and Gun-metal Gundam markers and some flat brushes and painted the bugger up in no less than a couple of hours. He came packaged with a giant MECHTECH weapon in the form of his water-cannon when in Fire-truck mode. Movie Accurate front windows/ chest in bot mode was a real bonus, and it looks miles better, IMHO than the Leader Class counterpart.  It doesn't hurt otherwise that his transformation scheme is pretty ingenious, and his alt mode is pretty accurate representation. Voyager Sentinel gets an A for being a fun and intuitive toy. 

Sentinel Prime, Dark of the Moon and Transformers all copyright Paramount/ Hasbro & Takara 2011

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