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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trypticon jr (junior)

Hello everyone I would now like to present you a very nice piece.
If you do not mistake this tf came together with a newspaper or a magazine, however, in 1986 and is the identity number of 63.
This TF was produced by another brand which I do not remember the name, but always under license takara.

Description box:

The box is very small and is just 10.5 cm wide, 17cm high without the flap and the flap 21 cm deep and about 4.5 cm.
In short, is as big as one leg of the original Trypticon.
The box incorporates the colors of the g1, or all purple (Decepticon-style) but with the cabinet.
Under the glass case that shows the little dinosaur are a small photo of Trypticon minibase and transformed into a drawing of the tyrant.
On the back of the pack there is a battle scene and instructions for processing and drawing that shows where the stickers should be placed.
On the sides there are two photos that show the tyrant and under tf.
Opening the box we find the polystyrene into the little jr, a bag with its accessories (not that many) 4 ramps and the cannon, and a nice mini catalog with stickers inside.

Description of the toy

Trypticon the jr high is only 10 cm and I can assure you that the details are not lacking for a robot so small.
The colors evoke their original ones, however, for obvious reasons are much simpler.
The transformation is simple, the first half to open the mini dinosaur, like his brother, will roll up the guns, adding that the gun is inside the bag and add ramps.
In the basic version is really nice, but you can only play with micromachines ...

Personal considerations:

really really nice, and then it is not very common, though not the classic tf million-euro, I love it, is tiny compared to its bigger brother and inspires me tenderly, like a puppy ...
of course being so small does not have all the big brother of the gym but I assure you as I said before that the details there and then the thing becomes the same I like it a lot.
For me it was another revelation about this tf XD I recommend it to all lovers of g1

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