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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gnaw is absolutely one of tf in my possession that I like most, I really struggled to find full and in good condition at first, then through a friend I managed to find it in its package also misb Japanese.

Gnaw, belongs to an army of robot primitive, even a herd of wild beasts called Sharkticon, and commanded by Quintesson in the 1986 movie that I recommend to see it truly deserves.
1986 is the year of release of this fantastic toy.

Description box:

There are two versions of the boxes a Japanese and an American and are different from written that there are in the lower right corner just below the design of robotic Gnaw in its lower right.
Be careful because there is also a recent "fake" in tarot American box but fortunately it is easy to recognize due to the lack of written in the bottom right, and the various details.
The box is about 23 cm long, 10 cm deep and high with the tab over 20 cm.
The main colors are purple and black, style Decepticon, I really like the box art is that the box design at the front are in addition to the beautiful design of the robot version Sharkticon in a display case also shows that the model version "Jaws" on both sides are photos of the toy in both robots, both in the beast.
In the back we find instead the usual scene of battle, the point (for those who do not know the point needed to receive an exclusive transformers) and the bar with the specifications.
Inside the box are located well above the card with the bubble and the "monster" of the instructions, catalog, the package of the adhesive, while the tail and gun are inside the bubble, along with the Gnawa.

Description of the toy:

The shark is about 13 cm wide and long with the tail about 21 cm

Gnaw is transformed into a futuristic shark very nice especially with its sharp teeth chrome.
The main colors are gray, purple and blue.
Gray is present in the legs, with fins at the top, and part of the upper face, where there are two bright green eyes very beautiful.
The color blue is present in the queue, in zampettine higher in the upper lip present in the mouth and tips of paws.
The purple instead includes the nose, the bottom of the mouth, and joints of the legs.

The transformation is very simple: you roll in behind the shark's head, and pulls down his mouth in order to discover the head of the robot located inside it. He takes off his tail gently, stretching the legs of the robot, located under the bottom of the shark, and widened a little. You pull back the legs above the shark to pass through a manual mechanism, the feet of the shark, which will form the robot's arms, and are pulled out from under his fists through the legs of the levers located inside of them (always taking great care not to try too hard) and voila you're done, the robot version of Gnaw is ready.
Just give him holding his tail / whip and his gun Gnaw is ready for another battle.

Looking at other sites, I discovered that Gnaw has a correct position!
The correct position in alt mode is not standing like you normally see, but by supporting the bottom of the nose, where it supports the nose, there is a piece of purple plastic that is used for this.

Well what about something else ... I recommend it to everyone because it is very beautiful and well worth

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