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Monday, October 4, 2010


魂ウェブ商店 プレミアムバンダイ店 ROBOT魂 <SIDE MS> ガンダムエクシア(トランザムクリアVer.)

Hey there boys and girls all over the world! This is yet another random blog post by yours truly, Adam!  As with my other posts, I am featuring the formula of any type of toy which happen to catch my fancy at a particular moment in time, and this blog post is featuring the sleek Mecha design from the Gundam 00 Series!   This is the  pre-Gundam 00 Raiser design upgrade unit  known simply as "Exia". A sleeker and less cumbersome version, and looks speedy as well as deadly in combat! 

''Celestial Being's Gundam, "GN DRIVE" to release the true power of a hidden "Trans-Am" mode.Gundam TV appearance of the use of particularly impressive 
first Trans Am in the movie, ROBOT unique spirit and clear reproduction of special metallic versions.  Held in February 2010 "Fichazu Soul Vol.1" commemorative items were
 sold at the event venue will be sold in the shop made to order web form at your soul.''

 Start accepting orders September 28, 2010 (Tue) 16:00
 End accept orders Undecided
 Shipment schedule January 2011 schedule
 Work appeared Mobile Suit Gundam 00
 The set includes - Body Exia
 - Wrist replacement
 · GN Sword
 · GN beam saber x 2
 · GN Bimudaga x 2
 Rongubureido · GN
 Shotobureido · GN
 · GN Shield
 Lumbar joint parts - x 2
 Product Material ABS · PVC · POM
 Product Size Height approx 125mm
 Age Age 15
 Remarks ※ The photograph is a prototype. Actual product may vary.
 ※ Product specifications and shipping date are subject to change without notice. Please note.
 Number of order receipt A maximum of 24 per order.

Pics, and story credited and linked to Tamashiiweb / Bandai Japan and Tokyo Hunter's blog! 

Exia utilizing the Trans-Am System
"The Trans-Am System is a system that temporarily removes the 'limiter' on the true GN Drives. Under normal operation, the limiter reduces the output of the GN Drives while the drives themselves store up any excess GN Particles created inside GN Condensers. With the limiter deactivated, the GN Drives can then operate at their full power by releasing all of their stored particles instantaneously. These stored particles saturate the frame of the mobile suit to give it a reddish hue, and the abilities of the unit are increased threefold while the system is active. However, this boost in performance is only temporary as once all the released energy and particles dissipate, the GN Drives must replace the spent energy and the unit will perform at a reduced capacity until the energy is replaced.
The use of the Trans-Am system is not limited to mobile suits. Celestial Being's assault carrier Ptolemaios II can engage into Trans-Am mode when at least one Gundam GN Drive is attached to the ship's system. As displayed on episode 9 of season 2, the combined Trans-Am output of Cherudim, Arios and Seravee enables the Ptolemaios II to execute an atmospheric launch from sea level. On episode 23 of season 2, the ship itself does have a Trans-Am system, utilizing the pre-stored particles in its particle storage tanks; it can be used only for a very brief period of time.
It has been recently shown that a Trans-Am-like mode is possible with fake GN Drives too, but has a shorter time limit than the real ones, since the fake drives have limited energy. Unlike true GN drives, which simply operate at a reduced capacity after Trans-Am has ended, Trans-Am derived from false GN Drives risk rendering the mobile suit inoperable due to lack of particles.
According to Ian Vashti, Innovation is caused by the GN Particle's special state in Trans-Am(Trans-Am Raiser and Trans-Am Burst System specifically). He theorized that it may be possible that this special state of GN Particles can even be felt regardless of range, and that more possible genuine Innovators has awakened as a result of Trans-Am Burst that Setsuna used during the battle with the Innovators. In addition, he is also worried that the Earth Sphere Federation now possessing the Trans-Am System technology will notice its relation to Innovation and try to use it for military purposes.[3]"

^Pic above is  linked & credited to


This was first released sometime early (Jan/Feb 2010) of this year, and it will be the second run for this exclusive Tamashii release by the kick-ass folks at Bandai Japan. Can't say honestly that I am into the whole Gundam 00 series at all, but this appears to be the ''final form''  for the Gundam Exia. Seriously looks pretty in fuchsia and the clear plastic is pretty prominently shown on this awesome and sleek mecha design!  As of now, I'm seriously contemplating to get this excellent model and display it along with my newly acquired taste for all things 'Robot Spirits'!  More Pictures can be linked and seen on this awesome Japanese blog! No pics will be used directly from here to respect and not rip-off the original owner / poster for this clear plastic jem of a beautiful toy! Get this if you are a fan of the Tamashii line of toys!  A+

Final pic is linked  & credited to Hobbylinkjapan! 

Gundam Exia and 00 Series/ Robot Tamashii Copyright Sunrise and Bandai Japan 2009/2010

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