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Monday, October 11, 2010


Hey there laddies and gentlemen from the world over! This is WSX once again here to dish out a random blog post on the Transformers and various other mecha-related toys which have managed to somehow or rather, find their way into the ever expanding collecton of yours truly. The toy and character in question is none other than the recently made retool/ repainted version of the newest Autobot Drift Transformers character to hit the mass market, the Samurai-warrior, evil assissin turned good guy. Well folks, although Hasbro is kind of 'infamous' for merley 'just' churning out straight and 'lazy' repaints of their past series of toys, it seems that the days of just shodddily and hap-hazard decisions to frustrate the fans have since been long gone in recent times.

 Rejoice and just enjoy the ride, folks, for we will be seeing even more stellear releases of the beloved characters in the uber-awesome Hasbro 'Generations'  &; 'Transformers United' Takaratomy toy line in the coming months and from next year onwards!  The latest inqusition for me is none other than the speediest and fast talking character to ever hit the franchise:- Blurr!


Blurr was known as a speedster and highly annoying incarnation form the moment of  his introduction in the nowcult classic that is the 1986 Transformers Movie.  Blurr is the fastest Autobot on land. He was used primarily by the Autobots as a high speed messenger. Blurr was also portrayed having extremely fast speaking mannerisms, and a nervous streak when dealing with his superiors. Despite this he is a loyal warrior and friend. When he became a Targetmaster he was paired with Haywire, an impulsive and excitable Nebulan youngster.[1] With his top speed of 800 miles-per-hour, Forbes named Blurr as the fastest fictional car in 2008.[2]


The folks at IDW Publishing just broke the mould when they decided to give the fast talking Blurr some serious' circuity' overhaul of his personality. He is now known to be one of the most prominently reinvented Transformers characters for the modern fans. So much so that Hasbro/Takaratomy decided that an honorable update was needed in toy form. More on the spotlight can be linked and credited to these sites here and here!  Although the Blurr Spotlight was released sometime ago, in 2008 to be precise, the character's fortunes were revived for better or worse! LOL. So, with that-- kindly enjoy the preview, folks! 


The Generations toy for Blurr does share the same similarities in terms of trasnformation scheme of that of the mould he was made from, Drift-- obviously, but the subtle changes made especially the newly moulded and comic design head really makes a heck of an astehetically pleasing difference. I love the IDW-esque fins/ wing -like extensions from the side of his head. Very fitting dontcha' think?! The sniper rifle and dual pistols make Blurr an ever thougher proposition than before, and not only can he weild his pistols, he gets to combine the smaller guns as a 'tripod' placment holder for his giant, killer rifle- ala the elite assissins type of feel.  It's an added feature thant makes the toy that much cooler, not to mention deadlier to any unfortunate  Decepticon foe that Blurr might take on!

GenerationsBlurr (Deluxe, Released August 2010)

Accessories: Sniper Rifle, Dual pistols

A big kudos to the designers as this gives the feel and look of Blurr being an actual 'new' character, instead of a crappy straight repaint. In addition, I must admit that the blue in two hues when in car mode while looking sharp (can you tell I love the colour blue?!)--  not to mention the added spoiler on the back of the car makes it look swift, I can't help make a small 'gripe' of sorts when it comes to the overall paint and Quality Control of the current wave of toys that are now being supplied and made in China. Paint is quite smudgy, especially in some cases the grey used on the front bonnet-- not to mention the white parts on the car roof is of poorly applied quality as well. Talk about minor dissapointments! Personally, as a serious collector, the buck should stop in terms of the shoddy QC control. No excuses as although these toys are mainly made in bulk quantity for the young target auidence, nonetheless, most collectors are in need of a more 'solidly made' toy in a manner of speaking.


The designers really made Blurr's robot mode stand out with his newly remoulded head. Add to the fact that  the toy looks and feels like a truly separate character, and a  double-gun wielding, sniper-skilled Autobot, and you've got yourself a winner. The baby blue and  white parts really match Blurr's traditional G1 colour scheme well, to the point of me saying that the overall look, feel and sturdiness is a notch higher than his previous incarnation of the the mould that is Drift. His painted Autobot symbol on the roof of the car hood and chest later in his bot mode is a nostalgic touch. Sure, Drift was cool, but Blurr's joints somehow are tighter and more balanced when posing him in various action shots! Get him ASAP in-order to update your Classics/ Generations collection in your shelves! A+

Blurr, Transformes Generations/ United is copyright 2008, 2010 IDW, Hasbro and Takaratomy

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