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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi there ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to those readers and followers from the world around. Sincere apologies for the late updates to my blog. Currently spending some time in chilly and summery ol' London, the capitol of the United Kingdom! Hadn't the time in the first week, as I was tied up with some personal stuff and sightseeing. It's good to be back after a long 5 year hiatus, and London has been treating me kindly. Am here for a couple of more days till the 1st of August. 


Alright folks, enough chit-chat, then. Just want to blog about an exciting and very near release of one of the most menacing and underrated Decepticon combiner team to ever grace the fandom: The SEACONS. He is none other than a sinister combination of several sea-monster type creatures, led by the giant and fearsome leader, "Snaptrap".  The bio below (taken from ) sums up the sheer brutish and killer combination of this super-combiner Decepticon warrior:- 

"When it comes to combiners, most suffer from the same problem: an inability to agree on anything while in their super-robot form, resulting in limited intelligence and limited effectiveness. Such is not the case with Piranacon. The Seacons who compose Piranacon can all agree on one thing, they love to hunt. In fact, they love it so much, that once they combine, they absolutely will not stop until they've either run out of energy or been destroyed. This has gotten to be such a problem that their commander, Snaptrap, has been forced to activate an automatic timer upon combination, forcing Piranacon to disassemble after a period of time. Despite this one set-back, Megatron considers Piranacon an ideal warrior and wishes he had more Decepticons like him."

^Tech specs taken and linked here!  


this is a real coup by Hasbro, and although confirmed for a SDCC "exclusive" release, this reissue of PHIRANACON will be available in abundance when the shipment hits the local Malaysian  toy outlets. The following confirmation and pictures are linked to the uber- Transformers fan-site : Mad props and sincere thanks to them! 

" has posted an extensive image gallery of the recently announced G1 Reissue Phiranacon and Seacons. Though largely the same as the original(including stickers, though they look to come pre-applied this time), some differences include Overbite having a different purple used for his body, andSnaptrap having an all green head. Click on the title to see a sample of the pictures!"


OK. the deal is that, in the american / Western iteration of the Transformers Generation One series, there was never a mention of the PHIRANACON combiner team in the cartoon series. The Seacons were pretty prominent in the Marvel comics series, and were mostly featured in the Japanese continuity Generation One series: Super God Masterforce:- 

King Poseidon is a Decepticon Combiner from the Super-God Masterforce portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.
King of the Deep Blue Sea
King of the Deep Blue Sea
King Poseidon is the combined form of the Seacons, created when the Seacon leader Turtler merges with one of each of the numerous Seacon drones under his command. As Turtler is the only sentient member of the team, it is his consciousness alone which controls the giant combiner, becoming even more cold and cruel as he tears through the battlefield with his massively increased mobility and destructive power.
King Poseidon is composed of:


An excellent opportunity to those who do not own the original set. The obvious changes, amongst others that Hasbro and Takaratomy has bothered to change from the original release of 1988, include the inclusion of a nifty chrome paint-job on the giant sword that Phiranacon wields. Some notable color changes to the toys have were also noted, making this release a more cartoon accurate one than the previous original. Vintage toys will always hold a special place in my heart (not to mention a deep burning hole in the wallet! LOL!); but when all's said and done, its worth the RM280-300 paid. An additional bonus, for me anyway is the inclusion of the six "character" cards which show crisp, bold and excellent character art of the Six Seacon Decepticons. Love it! A++

Seacons/ King Poseidon and Phiranacon Copyright 1988/ 2010 Hasbro Inc. and Takara

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