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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hi there, folks! This is WSX here to write a mini-blog post on yet another interesting Mecha franchise which has paid its dues as far as getting recognition for the uniqueness and "cult status" symbol from the Japanese Otaku and general Anime fans world-wide. Recently, for WSX anyway, there have been some excellent and worthy releases from the folks at Bandai, most notably through their popular ABS plastic and ready to play line of ever enduring stable of Mecha characters from a host of Japanese Anime. Yes, folks, the Bandai Robot Spirits or Tamashii line has finally garnered the respect and level of awesomeness of its own. Truth be told, that I wasn't really wowed or taken in by any of their releases, as I was more of a supporter of the REVOLTECH line of super-poseable and detailed figures. Apart from some recent Tamashii buys, like the MS Strike Freedom Gundam with the "super-effect" wing parts, the releases from the Tamashii line was really a hit and miss experience for me.  nothing really caught my imagination, until recently. Will this be my next definite Tamashii buy?! Well, there's only one way to find out!

ROBOT SPIRITS ROCKS (or does it still?!)

You might be forgiven to ask, based on what conceivable evidence is there to put such a high praise on these Robot Spirits releases? Well, I may not be familiar with the Tekkaman Blade Mecha and it's subsequent versions form the franchise, but I do know that the hard-working folks at Bandai Japan has managed to raise the level of sculpting and durability quality in the latest remake or technically speaking,  re-release run (the first batch of toys in the Tekkaman "original" incarnation were released sometime at the beginning of the year)  of the super-poseable Tamashii model based on the Tekkaman Blade main Mecha. 

Item: Armor Plus Tekkaman Blaster Blade
Height: 17cm
Tekkaman Blade
Maker: Bandai
Retail price:
 8,925 yen
Order period: 28 May 2010 - deadline TBA
Release date: 
September 2010
Info: Tamashii Web Shouten exclusive.


Good solid height, just like the original, but he weakness here is the omission or rather the alleged lack of additional weapons/ and parts from the original release. Whereas the original toy shows that there are extendible  spear-lines which can be attached and reattached, and not to mention an additional hand extensions,  this is a minor gripe, which is made-up for by having the weapon and main spears coloured in silver paint with beautiful red metallic detail. 

Since the release of this beauty is due for a September 2010 release, the fact that the first batch of the Tekkaman Mecha had received such a successful run and was sold out due to high demand, from the production pictures (I know, I know, one should not judge the level aesthetic beauty based on a picture) however, the sharp details and level of sculpting does make-up for the anticipation that this would deliver the same level of awesomeness when one has it in person! IMHO, the "organic" broad- shoulder parts that are protruding,conveys the overall design into a bold statement, much like the mecha design inspired sword and sorcery action adventure Anime -"Escaflowne"  


I am just giving a wild guess about the picture or action pose that this might be one of the Tekkaman Mecha's "final attack" or some sort of defensive stance.  Whatever it is, the three green-orbs look to be cast in effervescent light green plastic, giving it the illusion of a glowing effect. Nice touch! While I personally feel that this "special edition" Armor Plus version is more stream-pined and less "brutish" as the default or original Tekkaman Blade design,  nevertheless, it lends the Mecha a very "ethereal" feel as well, due to the flowing "wing" protrusions on its lower back. Softer and more lithe in appearance. On that note, the design is neat, but I much prefer the stark and  powerful mode of the original as shown  below. A-


An interesting and dynamic take and re-design of the original Tekkaman Blade model. However beautiful or limited its release, this doesn't really warrant a definite must-buy purchase option in my books.  Add to the fact that I missed out on buying the more (personal opinion) mean looking and anime-accurate hulk-like version makes it even more less likely that I will cave in and purchase this more "dragon-like"/ streamed-lined design any time soon.  I guess this is more geared towards hard-core fans of the mecha series and to those who are very familliar and are Robot Tamashii enthusiasts only. 

Copyright 2010(C)SOTSU, Tatsunoko Productions & Bandai Japan Co.

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