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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hi there, folks! Welcome to yet another random thought-blog post from yours truly, Adam aka WSX!
For me,  and many vast fans out there, it's been yet another momentous and joyous occasion that there are more and more REVOLTECH figures which are both unconventional and unique, that the creative and inspiring folks at Japanese toy-maker Kaiyodo are churning out at a frantic pace! 
I can hardly catch my breath! PHEW! 



Who would have thought, that after dabbling quite successfully  in mostly Mecha figures, that Kaiyodo has begun a separate/ sub-line of super-accurate and highly detailed (not to mention poseable, to the hilt, of course!)-- a batch of mostly supernatural/ Sci-Fi  and even heroes from popular culture, both Eastern and Western?! The sky is the limit when it comes to redesigning / creating an endless stable of awesome sculpts and characters, and this time REVOLTECH  has upped the ante by first  previewing the possibility for an awesome take on on of Comic-dome's most beloved and revered anti-hero/ Justice avenger cum Detective: The Dark Knight: Batman. 



The ultra-detailed suit crafted for this particular REVOLTECH Batman figure is top notch, and even can be likened as sort of a "shrunken-down" non-scale version of the hugely popular Hot Toys Hong-Kong "masterpiece" version.   Of course, without being too obvious, whilst the bigger counterpart offers more in the way of value, superb quality and not to mention detailed size, the smaller REVOLTECH version is no slouch in the value for money department. It's only going to cost 1/6th of the price of  its bigger cousin, but it sure can save you Batty Bat-fans a whole lot of money. Something which doesn't have to burn a huge gaping hole in one's pocket, but its just as treasured and invaluable. 



As usual, the online stores have started taking pre-orders for REVOLTECH Batman, and the price is pretty standard as far as this release goes.  The accessories that are bundled together with this release include an interchangeable "Bruce Wayne" alter-ego head, the Bat- Grappling Hook Gun, (bronze-gilded) Batterang, and a few set of interchangeable hands for added measure.  Oh, and the "emo-face" sculpt is an a nice detailed touch, LOL!  The pictures are linked/ credited to once again (man, I love this site!) been buying like non-stop due to their superior prices and shipping costs! - where else but Amiami Japan!
Hmm, gotta add them to my links on my blog! LOL! 

Ptoduct Title

Tokusatsu (SFX) Revoltech No.008 Batman[Kaiyodo]

Product CodeFIG-KAI-1811
Release Dateearly Jul-2010
Series TitleTokusatsu Revoltech
Original TitleBatman
Copyright(C) & TM DC Comics.(s10)
ModelerHiroshi Sagae
SpecSize: appx. 145mm
Featuring 18 points of Articulation
DetailsSculpted by Hiroshi Sagae

One look at that cape, that silhouette, and you know who this is! And this time his cape is even poseable!

From the lines of his muscles to the sharp details on his armor, his distinctive gold utility belt, and even the beautifullly sculpted mark on his chest, this can only be the Dark Knight - Batman! His cape can be posed folded around, spread out behind him or even sweeping out in front!

Includes accessories like his Magnetic Grappling Gun, Batarang and Bruce Wayne maskless face you can recreate all of your favorite scenes from the movie!

Features amazing detail on the Batman Begins / Dark Knight redesigned Batman suit!
Utilizes 16 Revolver Joints for amazing poseability!
Batman’s cape has been recreated in three parts - allowing you to pose him in any number of amazing poses!
Utility belt includes a holster that can really hold the grappling gun!
Includes a number of hand parts for amazing action poses!

Revolver Joints: 16
10mm x 3
8mm x 6
6mm Joint x 4
4mm Joint x 3

Option Parts
Option Face x 1
Option Hands x 4
Grappling Gun x 1
Holster x 1
Batarang x 1
Display Base x 1
Name Plate x 1
Maker-listed price2,715JPY



Gotta hand it to the Japanese once again. Delivered yet another solid and commanding sculpt and amazing toy. The detailing and level of quality is, unsurprisingly once again top notch stuff.  Must buy! A+

Batman, Copyright DC Comics, Bob Kane & Kaiyodo Japan

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